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Shuffell Trophy Round 3: Two PDIs, subject Open

…for Shuffell Round 3: 16th Jan Upload 2 PDIs (Subject: Open)
… for AV presentations: 23rd Jan – To complete Form via website and then Upload or Hand-in on named memory stick. or contact us

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Wikipedia: PeckaKucha

[Note! Files can be extremely big so please do not try to send them electronically via mobile or non-fibre-based broadband.]

POSTSCRIPT Our first 10×20 meeting went extremely well with 24 presentations from 17 different members. Using a web-based form for entries helped enormously in keeping track of entries and planning the evening. It also prevented me from losing or forgetting anyone’s files and most people had no problems uploading their files via our website.

PechaKucha (Japanese for chit-chat) is a storytelling format in which a presenter shows their 20 chosen PDIs for 20 seconds each with commentary (6 minutes and 40 seconds total). This is being tried by various camera clubs around the country. In order to encourage more in the club to take part we have decided to change the format to 10 PDIs for 20 seconds, i.e. 10×20 instead of 20×20. This can be with dialogue, without dialogue or if you prefer just add text. The images do not have to be of competition standard but ones that please you. It is a non-competitive, non-judgemental fun evening, not to be confused with an A-V presentation or with our A-V evening in January even though you may use the same software. You may find it helpful to read our recent notes on “Preparing A-Vs” for a guide to software.

The easiest method to create a 10×20 is to use Faststone Image Viewer available free on line for Windows PCs. After placing your selected images into a folder, just select your images in Faststone and choose Create/Slide Show Builder. The window then allows you to add, delete or re-order your images and set the time per slide. After pressing “Create” button, your file is saved as a large application “.exe” file which you can then either upload or bring on a stick on the evening. Presentation files are generally very large files because they can include audio/commentary as well as many video effects such as complex fades: their size can be much larger than your original jpg files.

Windows Movie Maker is also easy to use but creates a bigger file as an mp4 media file.

 Please give it a go. The success of the evening depends on members participating!

DEADLINE for entries is set to be one week before the meeting to leave us enough time to resolve any problems you may have and to plan the evening.

We already have a new upload facility where you can upload completed presentations in a wide variety of media formats which you can access via a Media upload link just below the normal Competition Entries link. You need to complete a simple form where you can opt to either bring your presentation on the night on a USB memory stick or – provided you have a fibre-based internet connection – to upload directly to the SCC Dropbox. Uploading allows us to properly test the presentations run on the club laptop beforehand.

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