Chitter-Chatter Evening – 29th October 2020

Chitter-Chatter is a storytelling format in which a presenter shows their 20 chosen PDIs for 20 seconds each with commentary (6 minutes and 40 seconds total). This is being tried by various camera clubs around the country.

In order to encourage more in the club to take part we have decided to change the format to 10 PDIs for 20 seconds, i.e. 10×20 instead of 20×20, i.e. 200 second in total, or 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

This can be with dialogue, without dialogue or if you prefer just add text. The images do not have to be of competition standard but ones that please you.

It is a non-competitive, non-judgemental fun evening, not to be confused with an A-V presentation or with our A-V evening in January, even though you may use the same software.

You may find it helpful to read our recent notes on preparing AVs for a guide to software.

The easiest method to create a 10×20 is to use Faststone Image Viewer available free on line for Windows PCs. After placing your selected images into a folder, just select your images in Faststone and choose Create/Slide Show Builder. The window then allows you to add, delete or re-order your images and set the time per slide. After pressing “Create” button, your file is saved as a large application “.exe” file which you can then either upload or bring on a stick on the evening. Presentation files are generally very large files because they can include audio/commentary as well as many video effects such as complex fades: their size can be much larger than your original jpg files.

Windows Movie Maker is also easy to use but creates a bigger file as an mp4 media file.

DEADLINE for entries is 22nd October, one week before the meeting on 29th October, to leave us enough time to resolve any problems you may have and to plan the evening.

Please give it a go. The success of the evening depends on members participating!



Please try to save your presentation in a standard format, such as .mp4 or .mov using software as described above. Other formats may be used, but could cause compatibility problems on the night.

To upload your presentation, please name your file with the title and your name as follows:

Presentation Title_Your Name.mp4

Then click this link to upload to our club Dropbox folder:




If you have any problems, please contact us on