Zoom Challenge #4 – Letter ‘W’

This week we are trying out an entirely new way of setting Challenges – at least to us! Each week we will pick a letter of the alphabet and our member’s task is to upload one or two PDIs that portray something beginning with that letter and that ‘makes’ the picture – so it has to be interesting and have photographic merit! So far our Zoom weekly challenges have provided some good fun and enjoyment and the quality and number of entries from last week were great. Thank you!

The choice for this week is “W” and the deadline is noon on Thursday 21st May. For example, you could make a photograph with water as the key element in the composition. Of course you can choose anything else that begins with “W” but we do need you all to start thinking also about the subject “Water” which is the subject also set for our first PDI and Print competition next season – whenever that will be!

Note: Thursday 21st is also the upload deadline for our PDI of the Year competition (maximum of two images). Also note we require your PDI of the Year entries to comply strictly with our well-established PDI sizing and file naming: details of these are on the upload page but please ask Chris if you are new to our formal competitions.

The winners from ZC#2 “Rembrandt” (as voted by our members) were “Red Apple” by Helen P and “Makeshift studio flash” by Chris W as equal first, and “Contemplative” by Alan W.
The ZC#3 “Macro or Close-up” winner was “Bumble bee” by Catherine B with “Dungflies mating” by Jeffery B and “Leaf” by Debi S in 2nd and 3rd places. Congratulations!