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Shuffell Trophy Round 3 for Prints & PDIs: Subject=Open, in monochrome.  Judge Malcolm MacNaughton

This is the final round of our “Photographer of the Year” trophy and members can enter 2 PDIs and/or 2 Prints.  Images should be in monochrome which is slightly wider than B&W as it allows for sepia etc: anyone wanting help please ask!

Members who haven’t entered the previous rounds might like to try their hand at this round as a prelude to participating next season or of course our “Image of the Year” competition in 3 months time.

DEADLINE for PDI uploads and Print Titles is 15th Feb. or contact us

Member Western Counties Photographic Federation   §  Affiliated to Photographic Alliance of GB

Updated Oct 2016

PY = Photographer of the Year (3 rounds in 2015-16 and later), the “Shuffell Trophy”

PotY = Photo of the Year             LvG = Ladies versus Gents

Competition Date Judge Subject
PY1 Jan-11 J Tilsley Open
Gillingham v SCC Feb-11 N Carey Textures
PY2 Feb-11 P Gafney Open
PotY Apr-11 S Brown Open
Fordingbridge Challenge May-11 Leo Rich Open
PY1 Oct-11 M Edge Open
LvG Dec-11 J Poynter Open
PY2 Jan-12 P Wright Water
SCC v Fordingbridge Feb-12 B Aven Open
SCC V Gillingham Mar-12 A Mahany Water
Wincanton v SCC Apr-12 B Aven Low Light Outdoors
PotY Apr-12 N Carey Open
Pimperne v SCC Apr-12 P Gafney Open
Shuffell PY1 Oct-12 M Hooker Open
SCC v Warminster Nov-12 R Clark Open
Shuffell PY2 Jan-13 R Barron Past Times Mono
LvG Feb-13 J Haines Open
SCC v Gillingham, Pimperne, Wincanton Mar-13 J Tilsley Open
PotY Apr-13 S Brown Open
Shuffell PY1 Oct-13 P Gafney Open
Warminster v SCC Nov-13 I Drake Open
SCC v Sherborne Bradford Abbas Nov-13 M Edge Open
Shuffell PY2 Jan-14 C Gogerty Street Photography
Shaston Ch. Parkstone, Ringwood, Yeovil Jan-14 J Tilsley Open
LvG Feb-14 Penny Piddock Ups and Downs
SCC v Waikato International Mar-14 R Barron Open
PotY Apr-14 Norman Carey Open
Wincanton v SCC Apr-14 J Tilsley Ups and Downs
Shuffell PY1 Oct-14 S Brown Transport
Bradford Abbas Shield Win/Yeo/SthP/BA Oct-14 J Foulkes Transport
LvG Jan-15 M Weeks Open
Shuffell PY2 Jan-15 P Gafney Open
WCPF DPIC Feb-15 L Rich et al Open
SCC v Boscombe Feb-15 T Oliver Open
Pimperne v SCC Mar-15 P Gafney Open
SCC v Waikato International Apr-15 M Edge Open
PotY Apr-15 S Jones Open
Shaston Ch. Blandford, Warminster, Frome Selwood, SCC Apr-15 R Barron Open
Shuffell PY1 Sep-15 Paul Thackeray Open
Bradford Abbas Shield Oct-15 Mike Burbeck Umbrellas
LvG Nov-15 Colin Gogerty Open
Shuffell PY2 Dec-15 Norman Carey Open
WCPF DPIC Feb-16 Ian Ledgard, Jan Cawley, Brian Coleman Open
Shuffell PY3 Feb-16 Graham Ireland Monochrome
SCC v Boscombe Feb-16 Jim Pascoe Open
SCC v Salisbury CC Mar-16 Mike Weeks Open
Shaston Ch. Wareham, Wincanton, Pimperne, SCC Mar-16 Rob Barron Open
PotY May-16 Roy Lambeth Open
 Shuffell PY1  Sep-16  Zaid Meherali  Corners + Open
 Bradford Abbas Shield  Oct-16  Penny Piddock  Corners
 LvG  Nov-16  Mike Weeks  Open
 Shuffell PY2  Dec-16  Amanda Miller  Open
 WCPF DPIC  Feb-17  Jan Cawley, Graham Hodgkiss, Gary Shinner  Open
 Shuffell PY3  Feb-17  Paul Thackeray  Open
 Salisbury CC v SCC  Mar-17  tba  Open
 Shaston Ch. Ringwood, Dorset Light, Yeovil, SCC  Mar-17  Rob Barron  Open
 SCC v Aspley CC, Aus International  Apr-17  Tony Oliver  12 open, 12 mono
 PotY  May-17  Laura Pearce  Open


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