Table of Competitions, Judges And Subjects

Updated June 2020

NB: This table is now in reverse chronological order, i.e. latest competitions first!

PY = Photographer of the Year aka the ‘Shuffell Trophy’ award for Print and PDI. This increased to 3 rounds from 2015-16. From 2019-20, Rounds PY1 and PY2= 2 prints and/or 1 PDI. Round PY3=2 PDIs.

PotY = Photo of the Year            

LvG = Ladies versus Gents


2020-2021 Season
PotY April 2021
Shaston Challenge: Ringwood, Blandford, SBA, SCCApril 2021
Shuffell PY3January 2021 Open
Shuffell PY2 December 2020 Open
Bradford Abbas Shield October 2020Water
Shuffell PY1 October 2020Water
2019-2020 Season
PotY June 2020Sara Harpley (via Zoom)
Shaston Challenge: Ringwood, Blandford, SBA, SCC May 2020Rob Barron (via Zoom)
LvG February 2020Mike Weeks
Shuffell PY3 January 2020Amanda Miller
Shuffell PY2 November 2019Trevor Prince
Bradford Abbas Shield October 2019Malcolm McNaughtonPeople at work
Shuffell PY1 October 2019Peter WoodhousePeople at work + Open
2018-2019 Season
PotY April 2019John TilsleyOpen
Shaston Challenge: Wincanton, Wareham, Parkstone, SCC April 2019Tony OliverOpen
SCC v Aspley CC, Australia - International March 2019Paul Thackeray, Peter O’BrianMono+Open
WCPF DPIC February 2019Gwen Charnock, Phil Charnock, Peter Young
LvG February 2019Postponed
Shuffell PY3 February 2019Mike Weeks
Shuffell PY2 November 2018Amanda MillerOpen
Bradford Abbas Shield October 2018John TilsleyShadows
Shuffell PY1 October 2018Jim PascoeShadows, Open
2017-2018 Season
PotY May 2018 Amanda Miller Open
SCC v Aspley CC, Australia - International April 2018 Paul Thackeray 12 open, 12 mono
Shaston Challenge: Frome Selwood, Salisbury, Ferndown, SCC March 2018 Rob Barron Open
WCPF DPIC February 2018Glyn Edmunds, Jean Brooks, Kathryn Scorah Open
Shuffell PY3 February 2018 Malcolm MacNaughton Monochrome
LvG January 2018 Colin Gogerty The Colour Blue
Shuffell PY2 December 2017 Mike Weeks Open
Shuffell PY1 October 2017Penny Piddock Open
Bradford Abbas Shield October 2017Tony Oliver Agriculture
Shuffell PY1 October 2017 Peter Woodhouse Agriculture
2016-2017 Season
PotY May 2017 Laura Pearce Open
SCC v Aspley CC, Aus International April 2017 Tony Oliver 12 open, 12 mono
Shaston Ch. Ringwood, Dorset Light, Yeovil, SCC March 2017 Rob Barron Open
Salisbury CC v SCC March 2017 tba Open
Shuffell PY3 February 2017 Paul Thackeray Open
WCPF DPIC February 2017 Jan Cawley, Graham Hodgkiss, Gary Shinner Open
Shuffell PY2 December 2016 Amanda Miller Open
LvG November 2016 Mike Weeks Open
Bradford Abbas Shield October 2016 Penny Piddock Corners
Shuffell PY1 September 2016 Zaid Meherali Corners + Open
2015-2016 Season
PotY May 2016Roy LambethOpen
Shaston Ch. Wareham, Wincanton, Pimperne, SCC March 2016Rob BarronOpen
SCC v Salisbury CC March 2016Mike WeeksOpen
SCC v Boscombe February 2016Jim PascoeOpen
Shuffell PY3 February 2016Graham IrelandMonochrome
WCPF DPIC February 2016Ian Ledgard, Jan Cawley, Brian ColemanOpen
Shuffell PY2 December 2015Norman CareyOpen
LvG November 2015Colin GogertyOpen
Bradford Abbas Shield October 2015Mike BurbeckUmbrellas
Shuffell PY1 September 2015Paul ThackerayOpen
2014-15 Season
Shaston Ch. Blandford, Warminster, Frome Selwood, SCC April 2015R BarronOpen
PotY April 2015S JonesOpen
SCC v Waikato International April 2015M EdgeOpen
Pimperne v SCC March 2015P GafneyOpen
SCC v Boscombe February 2015T OliverOpen
WCPF DPIC February 2015L Rich et alOpen
Shuffell PY2 January 2015P GafneyOpen
LvG January 2015M WeeksOpen
Bradford Abbas Shield Win/Yeo/SthP/BA October 2014J FoulkesTransport
Shuffell PY1 October 2014S BrownTransport
2013-14 Season
Wincanton v SCC April 2014J TilsleyUps and Downs
PotY April 2014Norman CareyOpen
SCC v Waikato International March 2014R BarronOpen
LvG February 2014Penny PiddockUps and Downs
Shaston Ch. Parkstone, Ringwood, Yeovil January 2014J TilsleyOpen
Shuffell PY2 January 2014C GogertyStreet Photography
SCC v SherborneBradford Abbas November 2013M EdgeOpen
Warminster v SCC November 2013I DrakeOpen
Shuffell PY1 October 2013P GafneyOpen
2012-13 Season
PotY April 2013S BrownOpen
SCC v Gillingham, Pimperne, Wincanton March 2013J TilsleyOpen
LvG February 2013J HainesOpen
Shuffell PY2 January 2013R BarronPast Times Mono
SCC v Warminster November 2012R ClarkOpen
Shuffell PY1 October 2012M HookerOpen
2011-12 Season
Pimperne v SCC April 2012P GafneyOpen
PotY April 2012N CareyOpen
Wincanton v SCC April 2012B AvenLow Light Outdoors
SCC V Gillingham March 2012A MahanyWater
SCC v Fordingbridge February 2012B AvenOpen
PY2 January 2012P WrightWater
LvG December 2011J PoynterOpen
PY1 October 2011M EdgeOpen
2010-11 Season
Fordingbridge Challenge May 2011Leo RichOpen
PotY April 2011S BrownOpen
PY2 February 2011P GafneyOpen
Gillingham v SCC February 2011N CareyTextures
PY1 January 2011J TilsleyOpen