Our annual program always includes some practical and interactive evenings which address a particular aspect of photography linked to a competition topic or perhaps a photographic visit. However some members may appreciate a few additional sessions on topics such as camera settings, photographic software, printing and mounting, etc. and there are several ways to arrange this without incurring any extra expenses, e.g. hiring of the hall for what is likely to be a smaller group of members.

We have the use of a small side room on normal club nights where we can arrange one-to-one or small group 40 minute sessions just before our normal start time. If you are interested, please ask a committee member during a club evening, outlining what you would like to cover.

For software topics, for example photo editing, Zoom video meetings on line work extremely well and can easily be set up at times to suit small groups of up to about six members.

The club’s primary software nowadays consists of Affinity Photo (a very advanced British-based editor with a Photoshop-type experience and costing less than £50) and Faststone (a free simple file browser with excellent photo tools). Zoom’s screen sharing means it is a more suitable basis for introductory courses for absolute beginners as well as those converting from other photo editors.

We do attempt to address most topics, even if we have to do a bit of preparation first to find a suitable ‘leader’! You must be a full member to participate in workshops.