NEXT MEETING …    7:30pm Thurs 20th December at Two Brewers, St James.

A Members’ Social & Skittles Evening with Chairman’s Champagne Challenge for unmounted prints and a Raffle. Pre-booked food available (contact David L before Wed 12th).  Do bring partners!

Next regular meeting at Royal British Legion is 10th Jan, our In-house Audio-Visual evening: please email us if you need help preparing your A-V’s or see  Preparing Audio-Visuals: Updated 27/10/17.

Deadline for PDI Uploads for consideration as part of our Western Counties DPIC  entry is 15th December: note these should be 1600 x1200 pixels!!! or contact us

Member Western Counties Photographic Federation   §  Affiliated to Photographic Alliance of GB

Our annual members’ A-V Evening is always very popular and a good way to show off a different aspect of your talent, i.e. putting a 3 or 4 minute slide-show of one of your photo sequences to music.  Brian traditionally leads this and holds a brief workshop each season to introduce new members to A-V and to update all members about current software.  There are two or three commercial software packages but the following notes relate to free software currently available.

In the past, Windows Movie Maker (WMM) was a popular choice and available free as part of Microsoft’s Windows software but is has been withdrawn since Windows 10.  Although you may find WMM for download on various internet sites, do be warned that many (if not all) are compromised with malware.

Brian has identified a number of possible alternatives to WMM but be sure you always download these from their official sites:-

  1. Microsoft Photos
    +A successor to Windows Movie Maker that is easy and fun to use
    +Pre-installed with many versions of Windows 10
    +Good choice of filters and effects
    -No multi-track timeline
    -Not Mac or Linux
  2. Shotcut  website: 
    +Well designed interface
    +Customizable filters
    -No export filters for some devices
  3. VSDC Free Video Editor  website:
    +Alternative to old Windows Movie Maker if you have a creative streak
    +Non-linear editing with great effects and transitions
    -Not Mac or Linux
    -No hardware acceleration
  4. Avidemux   
    +A Windows Movie Maker alternative with lots of export options
    +Clear interface
    -No timeline
  5. VideoPad Video Editor  website:
    +Closely resembles Window Movie Maker
    +One-click effects and filters
    -User Interface looks a bit dated
Once again, a very large entry with 28 prints (14 entrants) and 46 PDIs (23 entrants) giving a total of 74 images from 25 members and only just less than our first round last month.  We had pre-warned our guest judge, Amanda Miller, about the large entry but she was quite confident it was manageable. […]

Val and Jayne have set up a new Shaftesbury Camera Club Group for us on Facebook .  We’re hoping to keep this as an open group and that it will add an extra dimension to the life of our club.  If you have a Facebook account, you can visit it by clickingFB-f-Logo__blue_29If you’re not on Facebook, don’t worry as we will still be posting all our news and information on our website and our occasional Newsletters.  If and when anything special happens on Facebook, we’ll make sure it is also added to the website!

To aid long term planning, these are the planned meeting dates for our regular programme evenings at the Royal British Legion Hall…

Autumn 2019

12 Sept, 26 Sept, 10 Oct, 24 Oct, 31 Oct *, 14 Nov, 28 Nov, 12 Dec, 19 Dec (venue tbc).

Winter/Spring 2020

9 Jan, 23 Jan, 30 Jan *, 13 Feb, 27 Feb, 12 Mar, 26 Mar, 9 Apr, 23 Apr, 30 Apr *, 14 May.

* 5th Thursday of the month


You can find it under the News/Newsletter… tab above or via this link.  Please note you will need to log in using the usual name/password.

You also need to log-in to view Competition Results.

We only issue occasional newsletters during the season.  Our printed or downloadable Programme leaflet has all deadlines for competition entries and if you have any queries, please just ask/email/phone Chris.

UPDATE Nov 2018: Noted High contrast edges, e.g. trees against sky, were showing a halo similar to oversharpening.  Reduced BrillColour from 8 to 1, well below the as-delivered setting of 6.  Also reduce Brightness from 1 to -3 to respond to comments about overall brightness: still able to see 1% step patterns near 3% and 97%.

UPDATE Mar 2018: Noted Reds were dull & biased towards brown. Adjusted R hue and sat a touch, and increased BrillColour and Sharpness.  We also now have a test image and reference print from Marrutt.  Settings as at Nov 2015 except as amended in colour…

This projector is a 4200 Lumen 1920 x 1080 pixel high definition projector.  It has a x1.5 zoom lens that facilitates quick image resizing so that we can use the full 6 foot wide screen for either 1920×1080 (16:9) or 1400×1050 (4:3) projection.

REMOTE CONTROL Principal Keys…
(default bold underlined)
Key Function
Power (Red) Hit twice to turn off
Button below Power Audio Mute & Display Blank
#1     (Format) Native, 4:3, 16:9, Letterbox
#2   Menu (Blue) Open or close menu pop-up
#7   User1 Brightness   1
#8   User2 Contrast       0
#9   User3 Test pattern: None-Grid-White
#0  (*/*) (Green) Bright / Eco (quieter)
Laser (Orange)


The main settings “as delivered” and as we have currently set for PDI are tabulated below.

Important note!  Just because you’ve checked these using (say) HDMI as input, they won’t necessarily be right when using a different input source such as VGA!!!

Optoma EH415e Projector settings
As delivered Nov 15
Mar 18
Nov 18
Display mode Movie sRGB
Brightness 1 -3
Contrast 0
Sharpness 8  8:
now 10
Gamma Film Standard
BrillColour 6 6: 8
now 1
Colour Temp Standard
Colour Space  Auto RGB16-235 HDMI & Mac use RGB16-235
Noise reduction 1
Colour matching… HSG for Movie HSG for sRGB NB Varies by display mode
Matching Red -10 1 8 0 0 0:
now 3 2 0 
Matching Green 0 1 8 0 0 0
Matching Blue 0 1 8 0 0 0
Matching Cyan 0 1 8 -10 0 0
Matching Magenta 28 1 8 17 0 0
Matching Yellow 25 1 8 15 0 0
Matching White 0 -6 -4 RGB 0 -6 2
Format Auto Native
Edge mask 0
Zoom 0
Shift 0:0
V keystone 0
3D Off/off
User 1 (Key 7) Brightness Brightness
User 2 (Key 8) Source lock Contrast
User 3 (Key 9) Sleeptime Test Pattern
Brightness Mode (Key 0) Bright Eco
Dynamic Black Off Off
When: 13:00 this Sunday 28th October 2018 – meet in the car park Where: Buller’s Way, Abbotsbury, Weymouth DT3 4LA What: a) A walk around the gardens in the afternoon: forecast is cold but sunny b) Stop for dinner late afternoon, hot food in the restaurant c) For those wishing it, a discussion on how […]
The Bradford Abbas Shield is a local derby hosted by Sherborne Bradford Abbas with entries from South Petherton, Wincanton, Yeovil and Shaftesbury.  The judge is always a closely guarded secret even from SBA themselves.  SBA to date has always chosen the subject but they announced in future the subject would be chosen by the winners.  […]

One of our members is moving house and the following items have to find new homes.  If you are interested, please contact us via info @ .  They will also be at our club meeting on 8th November.  All monies will go to club funds.

Fixed height projector stand,  37” / 94cms.

Masking easel –  (cropping sizer) up to 14″x 17″ / 35 x 43cms picture.

Camera Bags  x2,  V G condition:-
Large, 8 adjustable compartments + three pockets.  Robust, padded construction.
Small (8d x 6w x 7h):    Single compartment with  holding bands + front Pocket.

Mount boards:  var colours/thickness and backing boards (80x60cms) and var. off-cuts.

Ready-cut Mounts x 8, var, sizes, shop-new.

Guillotine, heavy duty, up to 18”/45cms cut.

Flat work board (24″x 26″/66 x 61cms),

Also a cutting board and cutting mat

Photography Books, miscellaneous.

Leica Slide Projector (Pradovit P 300, Braun lens,  as new.

Maybe portfolio cases to follow . . . ?

MANY BITS AND PIECES   Please ask ! eg. Cokin filters; set-square, mount-spray  . . .


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