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Ladies versus Gents – Competition

Our popular battle of the sexes, with ladies on one side of the room and gents on the other, with a brave Judge somewhere in between!  Our two team leaders and their helpers will be making the final selection of 24 images each with at least 1 but no more than 3 images from each person participating.  A fun evening!

Upload Deadline extended to 15th Feb…
… Ladies v Gents: Upload up to 4 PDIs to be considered for selection by the two team captains.  At least one will be chosen!  

STOP PRESS Wednesday:  Match-an-image competition has been postponed & we will now host the match at Shaftesbury in November (i.e early next season).  We will hold over any submitted images until then which gives you time to upload lots more: no deadline for uploads yet! or contact us

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We had a total of nine A-Vs as follows:-
02_Kingston Lacey
03_A whistle stop tour in verse
05_The Punch Bowl Inn
06_Walk to the village
07_12 Days
08_American Odyssey
09_In the garden

Members were asked to vote for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd favourites and the final overall result was…
1st 04_Celebrate by Andy H
2nd 09_In the garden by Karen G
3rd 03_A whistle stop tour in verse by Richard B

APOLOGIES- Version posted a little earlier had 2nd and 3rd in wrong order!

Each A-V received votes but Andy’s Celebrate was the overall winner by a good margin. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who entered especially Brian T for running the evening.

We had time after the coffee break for a short Youtube by Don McCullin on his current exhibition “The Stillness of Life” at Hauser & Wirth, Bruton as well as a presentation by Brian on “Travel Photography”

This was the second of this year’s cumulative competition for the Shuffell Trophy to find the Shaftesbury “photographer of the year”.  Although there is one more round to go, this second round completes the print section as our new format dedicates our last round to just PDIs (two per member).  So far, our new format […]

Affinity Photo is a fully fledged alternative to Photoshop/Photoshop Elements and is available on Black Friday 2019 for just £35 (60% off) if you buy it direct: click this for the link…

It is available for Windows, or Mac, or some Ipads , and there is no subscription. Several members have already taken advantage of the offer this week. Like Photoshop and all advanced editors, there is a lot to learn but it is very rewarding.

In many ways, Affinity Photo is similar to full Photoshop (if not better and user-friendly) and we are hoping to establish a sub-group of members next year who meet to help each other get the most out of AP and to learn more about post-processing techniques. Ask for details!

ps. I know of three members have already taken advantage of this offer!

Wikipedia: PeckaKucha

[Note! Files can be extremely big so please do not try to send them electronically via mobile or non-fibre-based broadband.]

POSTSCRIPT Our first 10×20 meeting went extremely well with 24 presentations from 17 different members. Using a web-based form for entries helped enormously in keeping track of entries and planning the evening. It also prevented me from losing or forgetting anyone’s files and most people had no problems uploading their files via our website.

PechaKucha (Japanese for chit-chat) is a storytelling format in which a presenter shows their 20 chosen PDIs for 20 seconds each with commentary (6 minutes and 40 seconds total). This is being tried by various camera clubs around the country. In order to encourage more in the club to take part we have decided to change the format to 10 PDIs for 20 seconds, i.e. 10×20 instead of 20×20. This can be with dialogue, without dialogue or if you prefer just add text. The images do not have to be of competition standard but ones that please you. It is a non-competitive, non-judgemental fun evening, not to be confused with an A-V presentation or with our A-V evening in January even though you may use the same software. You may find it helpful to read our recent notes on “Preparing A-Vs” for a guide to software.

The easiest method to create a 10×20 is to use Faststone Image Viewer available free on line for Windows PCs. After placing your selected images into a folder, just select your images in Faststone and choose Create/Slide Show Builder. The window then allows you to add, delete or re-order your images and set the time per slide. After pressing “Create” button, your file is saved as a large application “.exe” file which you can then either upload or bring on a stick on the evening. Presentation files are generally very large files because they can include audio/commentary as well as many video effects such as complex fades: their size can be much larger than your original jpg files.

Windows Movie Maker is also easy to use but creates a bigger file as an mp4 media file.

 Please give it a go. The success of the evening depends on members participating!

DEADLINE for entries is set to be one week before the meeting to leave us enough time to resolve any problems you may have and to plan the evening.

We already have a new upload facility where you can upload completed presentations in a wide variety of media formats which you can access via a Media upload link just below the normal Competition Entries link. You need to complete a simple form where you can opt to either bring your presentation on the night on a USB memory stick or – provided you have a fibre-based internet connection – to upload directly to the SCC Dropbox. Uploading allows us to properly test the presentations run on the club laptop beforehand.

We have a revised post on preparing AV’s following our meeting on 31st Oct 2019 but members need to be logged in to find it, either in recent posts or by following this link ( ).

Remember you also need to be logged-in to view competition results.

Our annual members’ A-V Evening is always very popular and a good way to show off a different aspect of your talent, i.e. putting a 3 or 4 minute slide-show of one of your photo sequences to music or commentary.  Brian traditionally leads this and holds a brief workshop each season to introduce new members […]

The Bradford Abbas Shield is a local annual derby hosted by Sherborne Bradford Abbas with entries from South Petherton, Wincanton, Yeovil and Shaftesbury.  The judge is always a closely guarded secret even from SBA themselves.  SBA to date has always chosen the subject but they announced in future the subject would be chosen by the winners however since they also won […]
This was the first competition of the 2019-20 season and thus the first experience of our new format for the Shuffell series.  To reduce the number of images on any one particular judging evening to a more manageable (and enjoyable) number, we have partitioned the 3-stage competion as follows:- 1st round: 2 Prints &/or 1 […]

You can download to print and/or view our leaflet summarizing this year’s revised arrangements by CLICKING HERE

By the way, sorry if some of our jargon isn’t clear! We use PDI (Projected Digital Image) to mean jpg images that conform to our entry requirements which are simply those that fit into our 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high maximum limits. We will have a pre-meeting workshop to explain all this at 6:45pm in the small committee room on our next club night, Thursday 26th September. Just turn up on the night and we hope to cover both PDIs and Print requirements.

[Note some clubs use the term DPI instead of PDI: we prefer PDI to prevent any confusion with “dots per inch”. (And for those expecting to be told to use a particular “dpi” such as 72 or 300, this value does not matter when used on our projector. If you are concerned set it to 300dpi.]

Even if you are not yet ready to enter any Prints or any PDIs, you are always welcome to have a go “to break the ice” or if you prefer, please just talk with Helen or Chris about the photos you might like to submit. There is no pressure to enter competitions (except perhaps for our light-hearted Ladies v Gents) but most people find entering rewarding and helps to have impartial feedback. Don’t worry if your early scores are at the lower end: we all do from time to time except for one or two extremely talented members!

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