All meetings (including End-of-Year AGM in May) are cancelled.  Our new 2020-2021 season traditionally starts in September each year but may be earlier or later depending on events.  Please keep an eye on our website for latest news and plans (including any web-based projects/activities during the current crisis).   


We hope to reschedule some missed meetings for later in the year and to hold our Annual Exhibition later this year.  We hope to be able to offer one or two activities via the internet.  We will keep members and potential new members informed via email and on the website.


If you think you might be interested in joining our friendly club once this covid-19 crisis is over, please contact us by email, phone or web form now.  We can then include you in our plans for when life gets closer back to normal.  We cater for all levels – beginners to very advanced/professional. or contact us

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NOTE: Pixel sizing changed May 2019.  PDI naming guidance updated Dec 2013.  Minor edits Aug 2015, Sept 2017, Oct 2018.

The following information has been extracted from the full competition rules for your convenience…


Prints for Competitions

Every print must be mounted on card. The back of the mount must be marked with the name of the member and the title of the picture.

The maximum overall size for prints including its mount is 20 inches x 16 inches (50.8 cm x 40.6 cm).

Some members buy ready cut apertured mounts while others cut their own or alternatively simply stick the print onto an appropriately sized mount board.  If you would like to know more about mounting prints, please ask Chris.

Projected Digital Images (PDIs)

Please don’t hesitate to email Chris if you need any help with the following – if in doubt please ask…

These rules align with our Competition software for internal competitions.  For other events the file naming may need to vary but if you stick to the guidelines below, we will do any necessary changes.  [For inter-club competitions hosted by Shaftesbury Camera Club, please see the separate post]

Our  key PDI parameters are…

A)    JPG  SIZE…

Photographic image sizes are measured in pixels, i.e. number of dots that make up the width and the height.  The vertical number of pixels is roughly similar to the number of lines on a television, so 1050 pixels is nearly the same as full high definition TV.  If you multiply the maximum numbers of vertical and horizontal pixels together, you get 1.47 million pixels which is a lot less than any of today’s digital cameras, so you will need to resize your images.  Because  you are reducing the number of pixels, you may like to do a little sharpening but that’s another subject!

MAXIMUM WIDTH is 1600 pixels (px)
MAXIMUM HEIGHT is 1200 pixels


i.e. you cannot make the height 1600 px for portrait orientation.

When resizing, please ensure you never overwrite your original jpg file: always always always work from a copy!!!

  • Your image can be smaller than these limits so your image can be any shape e.g. square (1200×1200) or letterbox (1600 wide by less than 1200 high).
  • If you need help with submitting your PDI’s, please don’t leave it until the competition submission deadline!  Uploading is straightforward and we are always happy to help help new members as well as those who have forgotten how to!
  • Normally the image will be shown on a black background. If you wish to have a white or coloured border (mount) around your image you can BUT – your finished image including your border CANNOT EXCEED 1600 px wide and 1200 px high
  • When saving your resized images, choose a high jpg quality setting:  you may have to use less than 100% if your file size would then exceed 2 Megabytes which is the upload limit.


01_Dorset in Winter_Your Name.jpg
02_Goldhill in Snow_Your Name.jpg
03_Stourhead_Your Name.jpg




Just add a two digit sequence number, a single underscore then title, another underscore and finally Your Name. Your first file must start with 01, the next with 02, then 03 etc. (& use zero, not letter O!!!)

  • Do not enclose the title with quote marks e.g. ‘Title’ or “Title”
  • (ps  Some clubs use the abbreviation DPI for digital projected images – it means the same as PDI!)


C) Upload your jpgs to www.shaftesburycameraclub/upload

It is important that pdi’s are correctly sized and named otherwise the competition software will reject your entry.  If you do not submit images with the correct size format and file naming, we will attempt to do it for you to club standards but this depends on whoever is compiling the competition and whether they have time available.


Note 1 We do not worry about what resolution (pixels per inch) you use. We only care about the number of pixels.   Some clubs insist on 72ppi and our usual setting is 96ppi but it really doesn’t make any difference.  If we ever need to change for an external competition, we will do it for you!  If you do change the ppi, ensure you do not resample!]

Note 2 Whenever an image has been resized or resampled, you may find a small amount of sharpening using Unsharp Mask (USM) makes a subtle but worthwhile improvement which is why it is always best for you to resize your own images.


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ZOOM is the emerging video meetings standard for local camera clubs in response to Covid-19. Uses include internal or external PDI competitions, guest speakers, tutorials. Clubs are welcome to contact us to exchange ideas and experiences.

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