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Shuffell Trophy Round 3 for Prints & PDIs: Subject=Open, in monochrome.  Judge Malcolm MacNaughton

This is the final round of our “Photographer of the Year” trophy and members can enter 2 PDIs and/or 2 Prints.  Images should be in monochrome which is slightly wider than B&W as it allows for sepia etc: anyone wanting help please ask!

Members who haven’t entered the previous rounds might like to try their hand at this round as a prelude to participating next season or of course our “Image of the Year” competition in 3 months time.

DEADLINE for PDI uploads and Print Titles is 15th Feb. or contact us

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You can find it under the News/Newsletter… tab above or via this link.  Please note you will need to log in using the usual name/password.

We now only issue occasional newsletters during the season.  Our printed Programme leaflet has all deadlines for competition entries and if you have any queries, please just ask/email/phone Chris.

This was the second round of our Trophy series to find our ‘photographer of the year’ and after our first round back in October, we were not caught out by a overwhelming number of entries in both the Print and PDI classes. In the first round we had a total of 19 entrants for prints […]

You can find it under the News/Newsletter… tab above or via this link.  Please note you will need to log in using the usual name/password.

We now only issue occasional newsletters during the season.  Our printed Programme leaflet has all deadlines for competition entries and if you have any queries, please just ask/email/phone Chris.

To aid long term planning, these are the planned meeting dates for our regular programme evenings at tne Royal British Legion Hall…

Autumn 2018

13 Sep, 27 Sep, 11 Oct, 25 Oct,  8 Nov, 22 Nov,  6 Dec*, 20 Dec**

Winter/Spring 2019

10 Jan, 24 Jan, 31 Jan***, 14 Feb, 28 Feb, 14 Mar, 28 Mar, 11 Apr, 25 Apr,  9 May, 23 May

N.B. * = 1st,  **= 3rd and  ***= 5th Thursday of month.

Just a reminder to all members that you need to log-in in order to view the scores from our internal competitions.  The log-in details are given at the top of our occasional newsletters but you can always just ring or email Chris or Helen.

Our first round of the Shuffell Trophy 2017-18 gave us a problem that we were thrilled to have.  We had such a large entry in both the Print and PDI classes that we had to split the round over two club evenings.  The fact that the subject for this round was also split, with the […]

Update 27/10/17: Brian held a brief pre-meeting workshop on 26th Oct and addressed the issue of alternatives to the now defunct (and no longer safely available for download) Windows Movie Maker which used to be part of some old versions of MS Windows.  The free alternative he suggests is a well-regarded open source and cross-platform product known as Shotcut which can be downloaded from  We will be installing this on our club laptop before our extra workshop evening so we should be able to demonstrate this on the projector during the evening.

(If you wish to read a brief review of Shotcut, please follow this link)

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We have a number of (new) members who may like some help understanding more about Audio-Visual before we have this seasons AV Evening on the 23rd Nov 2017.

Brian Tarling is our leader on Audio Visual and is always happy to answer questions or give guidance.  One month before our AV Evening, Brian will lead a short pre-meeting workshop (i.e. from 6:50 to 7:30pm on 26th Oct 2017) to cover the practical aspects of creating AV’s.

We do have some information about AVs in our “virtual workshop” pages but I’m afraid some of it relates to earlier versions of Windows and PS Elements…

Update 13/10/17: Unfortunately one of the easiest and most popular (& free!) programmes,  Windows [Live] Movie Maker by Microsoft, is no longer available from safe download sites.  Latest news is that the MS promised replacement plugin as part of Windows 10 Creator Update this autumn has now been abandoned so we now have to look for alternatives.  There are some amazingly powerful free packages that are too complex for our purposes but I am hoping to evaluate one promising candidate over the next few days.





The Bradford Abbas Shield competition is hosted annually by Sherborne Bradford Abbas Camera Club who set the subject and keep the judge secret even from their own members until the evening.  This year, the set subject was “Agriculture” and our guest Judge was Tony Oliver from Salisbury.  The other regular clubs in addition to SBA and ourselves in this 5 club local derby are Yeovil, Wincanton and South Petherton: in our first year (2014) we surprisingly won but last year we were punished by coming bottom!

The first half of the evening assessed the 25 Prints with the scores marked out of 20 as below.  Tony awarded two prints a “20” score but sadly not ours, with our highest being a 18.  Even so, at the coffee break after our poor show last year, we were feeling fairly happy at lying 3rd being 9 points behind the leader South Pertherton.

Shaftesbury Prints Author SCC SBA Yeo Win S.Peth.
Last Harvest Tony Ward 16 15 15 16 18
Sunset Over barley David Townley 18 15 14 16 18
Who’s There Barbara Priest 15 16 15 15 17
Steam Plough Val Saxby 17 15 16 16 18
The Harvest Begins David Lampard 16 19 17 20 20
 Prints Sub-totals 82 80 77 83 91

The second half of judging dealt with the PDIs and no club scored a “20” so we were pleased at least to gain one of the two “19’s” awarded so congratulations to Steve Chick.  In fact we did rather better in the second half scoring more than the other club’s PDIs so clawed our way just high enough to grab second place overall – a much better showing this year  for us so well done to everyone who enabled us to make a good selection following the first round of our own internal competition earlier in the month.  We also were able to select our entry so we were represented by ten different authors.

Shaftesbury PDIs Author SCC SBA Yeo Win S.Peth.
Bales Barbara Harrison 16 19 15 17 15
Exmoor Sheep Andy Hargreaves 18 15 16 18 17
If you can keep Your Head.. Jayne Harris 17 16 18 17 16
Woman Winnowing Claire Tharpa 17 15 16 16 17
Tractor Driver Steve Chick 19 15 17 17 18
 PDIs Sub-totals 87 80 82 85 83
OVERALL SCORE 169 160 159 168 174
  RANKING 2nd 4th 5th 3rd 1st

So congratulations to South Petherton for their good victory, and many thanks to Sherborne Bradford Abbas for hosting an enjoyable evening and competition, and to our Judge Tony Oliver.  Next year’s competition will be on 23rd October 2018 but we have to wait until January to learn what the set subject will be.


New members may find it a little daunting to try to enter our friendly competitions but the “rules” are fairly simple and we are always happy to help by email or phone.  Competitions are meant to be fun and help everyone get more out of their photography so we don’t want technical requirements to put anyone off!

You can find the full competition rules via the menu tabs above or just follow this link.   For normal competitions, you should aim to submit two images as mounted prints and/or two as electronic jpg files (known as PDIs – projected digital images).

Prints should be mounted on a card backing no more than 16 x 20 inches but most people use quite a lot smaller, especially for A4 sized prints to keep costs down.  For simplicity, you can simply mount your print onto a suitable card backing but many members use cut mounts.  The mounting technique is not part of the judging but a nicely mounted print helps to set off your image.

PDIs are simply jpg files but they do need to be sized and named correctly so they can be processed by our competition software.  Once you have prepared your PDIs, all you need to do is to access our Upload page on our website and follow the on-screen instructions.  If you encounter any problems, please email us at or ring Chris at the number on the front of our printed Programme leaflet.  In brief, the steps to preparing your PDIs is as follows…

  1. Keep a copy of your original jpg file on your computer as the following changes cannot be undone: never ever work on your original files!!!
  2. Resize your jpg using any good quality photo editor such as Adobe Photoshop Elements or Faststone (free!) so it is no more than 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels high.  Letterbox (i.e. wide and thin) images should be the full 1400 wide while portrait-oriented images should be the full 1050 pixels high.
  3. Save your image in a quality level so the file size is no more than 2 Megabytes  (2MB, 2000kB): file sizes less than 500 kBytes are unlikely to look good when projected onto a 6 foot screen.
  4. Rename your files so they look like 01_Gold Hill at Night_Your Name.jpg,    02_Lost in thought_Your Name.jpg
  5. Complete the web form at and remember to select your images and click the green button.
  6. If everything goes well, you will quickly get an automated reply: for new members, Chris will also send a personal email as soon as possible.


ps1  PDI sizes are measured in pixels – the size in inches means nothing for projectors and you don’t need to worry about dots per inch!

ps2 Mac users might like to look at ZnViewMP, another free editor that works on virtually any computer operating system.


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