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Once again, the first round of our annual competition to find our “Photographer of the Year” elicited a large entry but fortunately not quite too many to cope with in a single night although it did  leave our guest judge Jim Pascoe with a formidable task and against the clock. The subject for the first […]

Once again, our Shuffell Trophy series for Prints and for PDIs was in three rounds with the first round split into first image with subject “Agriculture” and the second image “open”.  We had so many prints and PDIs for the first round that at very short notice had to split it across two evenings with Peter Woodhouse judging the Agriculture and Penny Piddock stepping in to judge the Open images.  The later two rounds were judged as planned by Mike Weeks and Malcolm MacNaughton.

The tables below show the rankings for all those who entered six images in the Prints and/or PDI classes.

Well done to everyone who participated, especially those who were doing so for the first time and we hope everyone found it a rewarding experience.  We also are grateful to all our judges who come out often on a cold wintry evening at very low cost to help us all improve our photography.  Critiquing and scoring a lot of images is quite an intimidating task even though they have gone through various judging courses.

Shuffell Trophy 2018
Cumulative scores of those who entered all three rounds
Prints Total Position
Val Saxby 58.5 1
David Hansford 55 2=
David Townley 55 2=
Don Rossi 54 4
Rachel Shergold 51.5 5
Sue Boddington 50.5 6
Barbara Harrison 50 7
David Lampard 49 8
Barbara Priest 48.5 9
Dan Harrison 46 10
PDIs Total Position
Val Saxby 57.5 1
Steve Chick 56 2
Don Rossi 55.5 3
Andy Hargreaves 52.5 4=
Jayne Harris 52.5 4=
Claire Thapa 52.5 4=
Tony Ward 52 7=
Chris Wildey 52 7=
Barbara Harrison 51 9=
Rachel Shergold 51 9=
Jeffery Bennett 50 11=
Richard Blake 50 11=
Sue Boddington 50 11=
David Townley 49.5 14
John Ellis 49 15=
Karen Green 49 15=
Jan Ward 48.5 17
Julie Deverill 48 18=
Keith Lear 48 18=
Barbara Priest 47.5 20
Maureen Lear 45 21
Dan Harrison 44.5 22
Marks as below…   Photograph of the Year 2018     May 10th   Judge: Amanda Miller         Subject: Open PRINTS Singing Wren 10 1st Val Saxby LRPS Double Cuteness 10 2nd Val Saxby LRPS The Chase 10 3rd Don Rossi Three Pink Roses 9.5 Jeffery Bennett Free Running 9.5 Jayne Harris […]
This was the return match with Apsley after we rather disgraced ourselves last year, trailing some 33 points behind Apsley’s score of 401.5 so we were understandably nervous.  However we were relieved after the first round of judging with our English judge Paul Thackeray who left both clubs neck and neck so all would depend […]
This is a multi-club print competition hosted by Newbury Camera Club in which we’ve been invited to participate for several years.  This year’s results, which are all in quite a narrow range, are as follows… Newbury Challenge Plate 2018   Mar-17   JUDGE: Martin Pickles Wimborne scores: Total 9.5, 9.5, 9, 9, 10, 9 56.0 […]
Each year we invite three different clubs to join us for a local friendly competition which gives us all a chance to meet and view a new set of images.  This year, we welcomed Ferndown, Frome Selwood and Salisbury as well as Rob Barron as our judge for the evening. In recent external competitions, Shaftesbury […]
The judge for our final round of the Shuffell Trophy was Malcolm Macnaughton and was his first visit to our club.   Malcolm is a keen photographer in black and white and much prefers film to digital and likes to think in Black and White while composing a shot. i.e. the light, shadows and ignoring the […]

Just a reminder that members need to log in to view the results of our third round on Thursday 23rd Feb 2018.

Well, the good news or the bads news first…   ?

The good news is that we scored exactly the same as last year with a total of 179 for 18 images.  Unfortunately, the bad news is that the other 57 Clubs did rather better this time around and that left us rather closer to the bottom, coming 50th equal with only four clubs doing worse than ourselves.  However there are a couple of nice bits to note from our scores in the table below: congratulations to Val whose Singing Wren was marked with a “5” by one judge (with presumably “4’s” from the other two judges).  This year, none of our images scored less than a “9” either.

It would appear that the standard has improved in competing clubs as to maintain the same position of 33rd as last year, we would have needed another 10 points, i.e. all our ten “9’s” needed to have got at least a “4” from one judge.  Something for us all to work on for the coming season although do remember that we try to maintain a wide cross-section of our membership in our entry.

For those not familiar with the judging or competition process, each image is projected for just a few seconds before the three judges press a voting button for 2, 3, 4 or 5.  It is all extremely fast and makes for a long tiring day for the brave judges.  1026 images during the morning and afternoon is a huge task but is quite common in large photographic competitions and salons.


SCC WCPF DPIC 2018        
Exerter, Sunday 18th Feb 2018
Glyn Edmunds
Jean Brooks
Kathryn Scorah
2018   Last Year
Singing Wren Val Saxby 13
Brave New World Andy Hargreaves 12
Morning Light David Townley 11
Offshore Power Val Saxby 11
Jump Don Rossi 11
Siskin Val Saxby 11
If you can keep your Head Jayne Harris 10
Triathlon Don Rossi 10
Sunset over Barleyfield David Townley 9
Nocturn Tony Ward 9
Sika Deer Jeffrey Bennett 9
Viking Steve Chick 9
Two Smoking Barrels Jeffrey Bennett 9
Firey Dragon Tony Ward 9
Woman Winnowing Claire Thapa 9
Hidden France Bill Norman 9
Bales Barbara Harrison 9
Tractor Driver Steve Chick 9
TOTAL 179   179
Average 9.9

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