Jayne Harris

Member since: 2016

Photographic interests: I love the challenge of wildlife photography, although I often don’t cope well with the disappointments! Deer are a particular favourite of mine along with foxes – both are elusive locally which is frustrating but makes the rare successes all the more pleasing.

I love all animal photography and in my perfect world would be a dog photographer if I could. I do also enjoy landscapes, especially sunrise and sunset and have identified one or two local locations which deliver quite well on composition. However, I always enjoy an opportunity to find new ones.

I always process in colour as I feel my eye for monochrome is weak but I am working on this and trying to encourage myself to see differently… with mixed results!

Equipment: I use a Canon 60D with 24-105mm lens and 70-300mm lenses, and a Sony a6400 with a 15-50mm lens.



All images © Jayne Harris