Image Of The Year 2020/21

Our annual Image of the Year competition took place on 22nd April, 2021.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the competition took place on Zoom and was limited to digital images only. Each member could enter up to three images and we had 53 entries in total this year from 21 members. The images were sent in advance to Jim Pascoe, who was to be our judge for the evening.

Jim commented on each image and gave it a mark with some ‘held back’ for scoring at the end. The evening culminated with the judge’s verdict on which images would take the awards. For the fourth year running Andy Hargreaves took the top spot.

The results were as follows:



Sliced Gherkin – Andy Hargreaves



Paul as Lawrence of Arabia – Anne Beard



When Will It Stop – Oliver Copeley-Williams


Highly Commended

A Winter’s Morning – Jayne Harris

Breakwater – Andy Hargreaves


Full Results:

Image of the Year, April 22nd 2021

Judge: Jim Pascoe

Three PDIs

Subject: Open


NameTitleScoreFinal Position
Andy Hargreaves Sliced Gherkin10First
Anne Beard Paul as Lawrence of Arabia10Second
Oliver Copeley-Williams When will it stop10Third
Jayne Harris A winter's morning10HC
Andy Hargreaves BreakwaterHC
Roger Saurin Kestrel in Flight
Oliver Copeley-Williams Calm Waters
Jayne Harris Starburst station
Claire Thapa End of the School Day
Helen Pothecary Dancing light
Jeffery Bennett Sika Deer
Andy Heads Sunset Knowlton Church9
Anne Beard The Fragile Camilia Flower9
Alan Warren Contemplative9
Barbara Harrison LRPS Trees9
Jeffery Bennett Chaffinch9
Don Rossi Over the jump9
Magical Frost
Bridge on the Stour
A Watery View
Arty Pasque Flower
Two old Friends
Wind Blown
The Town Above The Clouds
A Winters Sunset8
Gold Hill in Lockdown8
Days Gone By
Pigeon Steps
Dawn in the Outback
Yarra River Reflection7
Fly Past7
Cathederal Green Meet7
Cats welcome too7
Calm before the storm7
Woodland Walk7
Dive bomber7
Wareham Quay7
Church starburst7
Storm Coming7
Misty walk along Beach7
Tobacco plant7
Green leaves of winter
Beach pattens
Flowing Water
Evening View From Our Window
Recycled Viaduct6
Smiley Robin6
Share it Out !6


Featured image: Bridge on the Stour by Andy Heads