Results: The Shaston Challenge 2022

The 2022 Shaston Challenge took place in Shaftesbury’s Royal British Legion Hall on 31st March 2022, for the first time in two years.

Ferndown, Ringwood, Wincanton and ourselves did battle for the Shaston Challenge 2022, with each club entering 12 images. Marks were out of 10 with half marks as required.

Mike Weeks was the judge, and after a slide show of all the images, his comment was ‘I think they should all get 10 marks’. However after analysing each image we ended up with 9 receiving full marks.

The winners were Ferndown, who came 1.5 points in front of Ringwood. Wincanton were third and ourselves fourth, just 4.5 point behind the winners.

A good evening was had by all.

Featured image: Stranded Boats by Helen Pothecary


Overall Results

1st – Ferndown with 112.5 points
2nd – Ringwood with 111 points
3rd Wincanton with 110.5 points
4th Shaftesbury with 108 points


Individual Results

1Andy Hargreaves To InfinityShaftesbury 9.5
Clive Richards A Winter's SunriseFerndown 9
Brian Stubbs Alex Hua TianWincanton 8.5
Ann Aveyard Harris Hawk In FlightRingwood 9
2Rachel Shergold Court OutShaftesbury 8.5
Jacky Smith Abstract SwanFerndown 9.5
Ann Aveyard Portrait In The Peaky Blinders StyleRingwood 9.5
Kit Williams Butterfly FloraWincanton 9
3Meyrick Griffiths Jones English SummerWincanton 10
David Lampard Autum SerenityShaftesbury 8
Ann Cole AcquilegiaRingwood 9.5
Kathy Rich Beauty Is PainFerndown 9
4Ann Cole Well I Think You Are PrettyRingwood 8.5
Hannah Rochford Harvest Moon Rising Behind Glastonbury TorWincanton 9.5
Oliver Copeley-Williams Back WashShaftesbury 9
Richard Scott Female Bearded TitFerndown 9.5
5Becki Flay Banded Demoiselle DamselflyRingwood 10
Richard Scott Frosty Morning HareFerndown 10
Nigel Maddison Bridge To St PaulsShaftesbury 9
David Foster Joker SittingWincanton 8
6Catherine Barrow Close EncounterShaftesbury 8.5
Roger Lush Lighting The LampWincanton 9
Colin Ridley Icy Morning At Glen EtiveFerndown 9
Mike Hawley Colourful ConversationRingwood 9.5
7Kit Wlliams Racehourse WaitingWincanton 9
John Woolgar Gannet SurfacingRingwood 10
Kathy Rich Mountain LionFerndown 9
Paul Lines ColourfizShaftesbury 9
8Paul Dyer Red Footed Falcon With Its DinnerWincanton 10
Kevin Payne Mill Lawn BrookRingwood 9.5
Sue Boddington Murky Day With Vital SparkShaftesbury 9
Sam Sampson Night MusicFerndown 9
9Meyrick Griffith Jones The Clavell Tower KimmeridgeWincanton 9.5
Mike Richards Morning Clouds Over Beinn DeargRingwood 9
Sam Sampson Sky DramaFerndown 9.5
Catherine Barrow Painting With My Camera-SunriseShaftesbury 9.5
10Paul Smith TakeoffFerndown 9
Hannah Rochford The Rosette NebulaWincanton 9.5
Sue Dall Red ShankShaftesbury 9
Mike Richards Street Chess BernRingwood 8.5
11Andy Heads Take OffShaftesbury 9
Trevor Pogson Determined To SurviveRingwood 9.5
Brian Stubbs Training On The SandWincanton 8.5
John Gransbury TangoFerndown 10
12Trevor Pogson Suffolk SunriseRingwood 8.5
Nigel Maddison Tower Bridge At DawnShaftesbury 10
Paul Dyer Young RiderWincanton 10
Colin Ridley Yorkshire Dales SunsetFerndown 10