Results: Annual Bradford Abbas Shield Competition 2023

It was a dark, wet night at Bradford Abbas on Tuesday 24th October, but there was a good turnout by all five clubs.

The Bradford Abbas Shield is an annual competition for prints and PDIs involving five clubs. The host Sherborne Bradford Abbas, South Petherton, Wincanton, Yeovil and ourselves.

The clubs entering were Sherborne Bradford Abbas, Yeovil, Wincanton, South Petherton and ourselves. Over the years we have won once (the first year we were involved, in 2014) and come low down the rankings otherwise.

This year the set subject was ‘Sky’. Our five PDIs were from Andy Heads, Andy Hargreaves (x2), Nigel Maddison and Helen Pothecary. The prints were from Catherine Barrow, David Lampard, Nigel Maddison and Sue Dall (x2).

The judge, Norman Marsh, only gave three 19’s and no 20’s throughout the competition. Shaftesbury were awarded two of the 19’s – Andy Hargreaves for ‘Sunset over Lake Te Anau’ and Sue Dall for ‘Eye of the Storm’. These, combined with three 18’s for prints, put us in the lead!

The final scores were:

Shaftesbury 169
Wincanton 168
South Petherton 167
Yeovil 162
SBA 159

Congratulations to all involved. The winners have to choose next year’s subject and we have chosen ‘Trees – one or more or part thereof’.


Shaftesbury’s Prints
Shaftesbury’s PDIs