Results: The Shaston Challenge 2024

The 2024 Shaston Challenge took place in Shaftesbury’s Royal British Legion Hall on 28th March 2024.

It was a very wet and windy night, with flooding all around the area, but our judge, Jim Pascoe, and members of all three teams – Ringwood, Shaftesbury and Wareham – managed to brave the conditions and make it to Shaftesbury!

Each club entered 16 images and marks were out of 10 with half marks as required.

The scoring was tight, but the eventual winners were Wareham, followed by Shaftesbury and Ringwood.

A good evening was had by all.

Featured image: Red Shank by Sue Dall


Overall Results

1st – Wareham with 136½ points
2nd – Shaftesbury with 135 points
3rd – Ringwood with 129½ points


Individual Results

Wareham 136½ 1st
Milky Way Rising at Durdle Door 10 Terry Mullen LRPS
Ostrich stare 10 Mike Grigsby
Bald Eagles in the Rain Forest Graham Tarrant
Female Reedling 9 Gordon Chamberlain
Sparrowhawk through the Reeds 9 Nigel Gidney
Green Veined White 9 Nigel Gidney
Watchout, there’s a spider about 9 Alan Bevis
Emerging Honeysuckle 9 Mary Bevis
Sisken and Hawthorn Gordon Chamberlain
Mercedes-Benz Karen Mann
Bindweed Bud Jean Dixon
All in a spin Graham Tarrant
Jilted 7 Tim Green LRPS
Oslo Opera House Reflecting 7 Rob Ellett
A Spirited Departure 7 Alan Bevis
Prairie Post 7 Tim Green LRPS
Shaftesbury 135 2nd
Tubes Running Late 10 Harvard Dallibar
Fog on the Tyne 10 Andy Hargreaves
Just chillin Sue Dall
Green Violetear Hummingbird Sue Dall
Bandhavgarh Tiger 9 Ann Hale
Winter Frost 9 Andy Hargreaves
Crumnock Water Shower Huw Alban
Bluebells 8 Cathrine Barrow
Sunrise over Skye 8 Helen Pothecary
Nocturnal Knowlton 8 Nigel Maddison
Sizewell Platforms 8 Anne Hale
Sunset on the hill 8 Jayne Harris
the old coal store 8 Helen Pothecary
Lake District Weather Huw Alban
John 7 Harvard Dallibar
Autumn walks 7 Jayne Harris
Ringwood 129½ 3rd
Red Arrows Crossover 10 Trevor Pogson
Keel Billed Toucan Mike Richards
On Fire 9 Ann Cole
Strictly Street – a Smile 9 Mike Hawley
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep 9 Louise Revill
Goslings exploring Becki Flay
King of the Heather Louise Revill
Elephant family 8 Ann Aveyard
Mount Fuji 8 Mike Richards
Fun on the Beach at Christmas 8 Trevor Pogson
Sunlight on the frost Becki Flay
Blashford Scales Paul Johnson
Head to head Mike Hawley
Amritsar Chapaties 7 Peter Knight
Yellow Crowned Night Heron John Woolgar
The Eyes Have It 6 Peter Knight