NEXT MEETING …    7:30pm Thurs 27th September 2018:

The Role of the Army Photographer: Gary Kendall & Ross Nolan

Our guests Gary and Ross are combat photographers trained by the British Army.  Their role is to provide a media capability to promote and protect the reputation of the British Army worldwide.

Pre-meeting Workshop: Starting at 6:50pm in the small committee room, a short introduction to entering Prints and PDIs for our Shuffell Competitions.  For new members or as a refresher. or contact us

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Brian is proposing a member’s trip to Abbotsbury on Sunday afternoon and early evening on 28th October 2018, meeting up at 13:00hrs.  The afternoon is an daylight opportunity followed by a tea break in their cafe and an evening of “Enchanted Illuminations”.  Sunset is at 16:52hrs (clocks having just gone back to winter time).

Plans will be confirmed at our meeting on Thursday 25th armed with the weather forecast.  If at least 10 members are willing to commit in advance, we may be able to get a group discount, otherwise the on-the-door price is £12.50.

More details, car sharing etc.: ask Brian or Chris

Any updates to this note will be in Blue

Welcome back to our new season!  A good turn out (mid-thirties) with just over half a dozen potential new members who we hope will join in one or two meetings time.  (Please note only paid-up members can enter competitions).  Apart from a glass of wine, a nibble of cheese and a catch-up chat, the evening covered Bill’s new printed programme and some ideas for trips, and workshops. We also saw some examples of member’s summer work, plus a few “shadow” images – some useful positive and negative feedback!

Competitions: We are always keen for members to participate in our competitions, regardless of their level, as it is one of the best ways to improve your skills.  We will have a 30 minute pre-meeting workshop in the small committee room starting at 6:50pm on 27th September to explain how to enter the Shuffell competition including preparing and uploading PDIs (projected jpg) and/or your Prints. We are always very happy to help individuals with any problems.

Workshops: We received several ideas for members-only full workshops which we will pursue: some of these will require us to book the hall for an extra Thursday evening so we will need confirmation of your interest and topics before we can give more details.  Please email Chris at info@… or any of his email addresses.

Trips: Brian is proposing an afternoon and evening visit to Abbotsbury at the end of October to see their illuminations.  Decisions will be made at our meeting on 25th October when we should know that weekend’s forecast. Please see separate post about this trip…

And always keep an eye on our Top Panel for news about our next meeting!


You can find it under the News/Newsletter… tab above or via this link.  Please note you will need to log in using the usual name/password.

You also need to log-in to view Competition Results.

We only issue occasional newsletters during the season.  Our printed or downloadable Programme leaflet has all deadlines for competition entries and if you have any queries, please just ask/email/phone Chris.

Our full programme for our new season starting in September is now available via our Programme page.

Just a reminder and some guidance about the subjects for our upcoming competitions.

But first of all, we would like to emphasize that we don’t want set subjects to put anyone off entering competitions: some members find set subjects difficult and fear their attempts are not good enough and thus do not enter.  If you are really unsure, do let Chris or Helen see your photo in good time so they can try to give you some initial feedback.  Remember it is better to enter a mediocre image rather than not enter anything!!!

  • First round of the Shuffell Trophy, Thursday 11th October:  Your first print and/or PDI should be “Shadows” and your second print and/or PDI should be “Open”

We hope to be able to find some strong “Shadow” contenders from this competition as our entry for the annual Bradford Abbas Shield inter-club competition later in the month.


  • Ladies v Gents, 10th January 2019:Set subject for any entries is “Fluid”.  Please see our post on the web about how this can be interpreted, remembering this is a fun competition where everyone who submits one or more entries will have at least one selected by the team leaders.  We always hope everyone will enter something.

For all other competitions, the subject is “Open”, i.e. any subject you like!

 As ever, do please ask if you would like help.

We have a new page on our web site for our members to suggest or recommend photo venues others may find interesting for either individual visits or as a group trip.  This page can be found from our Quick Links panel at the top right of the page or simply clicking on this  link.

If any member would like help contacting other particular members,  please ask Chris at or perhaps try our Facebook Page.  Members can also contact Chris with their own suggestions.



The subject for our light-hearted annual Ladies v Gents competition on 10th Jan 2019 is “Fluid”.   We intend this to be interpreted flexibly, or should we say “fluidly” :-))

Obviously seascapes with movement qualify or a still life of a glass of whisky and an ice cube but we would like to see much more imaginative or creative interpretations.  Perhaps both the ladies and the gents teams might like to each have a brain-storming session or two!  For inspiration, you may like to explore some dictionary definitions and synonyms e.g.

Our LvG competition is meant to be a fun evening with lots of banter and in recent years, we have had the Ladies seated on one side and the Gents on the other.  We hope we can encourage everyone to participate by submitting up to 6 PDIs.  We guarantee any member submitting images to the team captains will have at least one selected so don’t worry about being too rigorous over the interpretation of “fluid”!

We had a good turnout for our AGM & Prize Giving and with the formalities kept to a minimum, members were able to enjoy an evening of drink and nibbles as well as discussing summer plans.  There will be an end-of-season email confirming our summer events and competition subjects.

The AGM business highlights included:

  • Chairman’s report (in full below): growth in membership to 46; thanks to all our helpers; & a successful programme
  • Committee changes: David thanked Karen who is standing down from Committee and welcomed Jayne as a new co-opted member
  • Financial Report: small increase in our healthy reserves
  • Members & Visitors fees: to stay unchanged
  • A.O.B: We will have a Trophy for our annual AV contest following a proposal from Richard B

Franco Santagostino, a long standing past member, presented this year’s trophies and awards.  Full details are on our Roll of Honour and Annual Placings pages under the Competition Menu Tab above.  Our photo shows the prize winners with Franco (with apologies from Val S and David H).

Photo left to right…
Front; Franco, Sue B, Maureen L, Andy H, David T
Back; Don R, Steve C, David L, Tony W




Chairman’s Report…

“Our eighth season has ended with a very welcome increase in our membership to 46 Members, 6 more than the last two Seasons.  31 Members renewed their Membership and we attracted a very encouraging 15 new Members.

It is often not realised in clubs how much effort goes into the organisation of their activities, and our Club is no exception to that. Our Committee, as always, has continued to work with much dedication and enthusiasm throughout the year to help ensure the success of the Club.  Our thanks must go to them all, and also to those who assist with raffles and the tea and coffee as well as those assisting before and after our meetings.

However, for the first time since the Club was formed, we have a Committee Member stepping down after eight years as a member of the team.  Karen Green will no longer be pressurising you to part with your money, and I am sure that you will all join me in a vote of thanks to Karen for the support she has given us over the years.  But, if you think that your money is now safe, you are very wrong.  Jayne Harris has kindly agreed to take on the role following her successful leadership of the Ladies team for the Ladies v Gents competition earlier in the Season.  Jayne is being co-opted to the Committee, and we look forward to welcoming her at the next Committee Meeting.

The Club’s Annual Exhibition ran again for 7 days including the May Bank Holiday weekend, with 92 prints on display from 21 different Members.  It was very popular again with around 370 visitors.  Special thanks are due to all those Members who supported the efforts of the Committee through their stewarding, along with the setting-up and taking-down of the Exhibition.

Our fourth venture into the Western Counties Photographic Federation PDI competition resulted in a somewhat disappointing 50th out of 57 clubs, Whilst the overall standard was very high, those of you who saw some of the highly-commended entries of other clubs a few weeks ago in one of our meetings, will have taken some comfort from the technically-poor standard of a few of the winning entries.  Such fundamental errors can be difficult to identify when the judges see the images for only a few seconds.

Our seventh Star Night was very successful, with David Clapp giving us an entertaining and informative evening on his life as a landscape and travel photographer.

Enjoy your photography during the summer.  Hopefully, the sun will shine and provide plenty of shadows for our set subject in the autumn.  I look forward to seeing you all in September.”


Once again, our Shuffell Trophy series for Prints and for PDIs was in three rounds with the first round split into first image with subject “Agriculture” and the second image “open”.  We had so many prints and PDIs for the first round that at very short notice had to split it across two evenings with Peter Woodhouse judging the Agriculture and Penny Piddock stepping in to judge the Open images.  The later two rounds were judged as planned by Mike Weeks and Malcolm MacNaughton.

The tables below show the rankings for all those who entered six images in the Prints and/or PDI classes.

Well done to everyone who participated, especially those who were doing so for the first time and we hope everyone found it a rewarding experience.  We also are grateful to all our judges who come out often on a cold wintry evening at very low cost to help us all improve our photography.  Critiquing and scoring a lot of images is quite an intimidating task even though they have gone through various judging courses.

Shuffell Trophy 2018
Cumulative scores of those who entered all three rounds
Prints Total Position
Val Saxby 58.5 1
David Hansford 55 2=
David Townley 55 2=
Don Rossi 54 4
Rachel Shergold 51.5 5
Sue Boddington 50.5 6
Barbara Harrison 50 7
David Lampard 49 8
Barbara Priest 48.5 9
Dan Harrison 46 10
PDIs Total Position
Val Saxby 57.5 1
Steve Chick 56 2
Don Rossi 55.5 3
Andy Hargreaves 52.5 4=
Jayne Harris 52.5 4=
Claire Thapa 52.5 4=
Tony Ward 52 7=
Chris Wildey 52 7=
Barbara Harrison 51 9=
Rachel Shergold 51 9=
Jeffery Bennett 50 11=
Richard Blake 50 11=
Sue Boddington 50 11=
David Townley 49.5 14
John Ellis 49 15=
Karen Green 49 15=
Jan Ward 48.5 17
Julie Deverill 48 18=
Keith Lear 48 18=
Barbara Priest 47.5 20
Maureen Lear 45 21
Dan Harrison 44.5 22

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