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Our winners of the annual internal club competitions year by year…

     Shuffell Trophy
(Photographer of the Year)
   Photograph of the Year Favourite Exhibition Print
2020  A-V       Celebrate by
Andy Heads 
(Covid-19)   Print   Jeffrey Bennett    Not Awarded  Not Awarded
    PDI   Andy Hargreaves      Under Millennium Bridge by
Andy Hargreaves
2019  A-V       These Boots by
Richard Blake 
   Print   Alan Casperd    The fish & chip shop
by David Hansford 
 Best of Friends
by Alan Casperd
    PDI    Sue Boddington/
Val Saxby 
  Spiral by
Andy Hargreaves 
2018 Print Val Saxby Singing Wren
by Val Saxby
Castle and the
Fiery Dragon
by Tony Ward
PDI Val Saxby Blue Ice
by Andy Hargreaves
2017 Print Mike Harding Skyscrapers
by David Townley
Catch of the Day
by Val Saxby
PDI Mike Harding Feeding Time
by Claire Thapa
2016 Print Mike Harding Ruby Eye
by Val Saxby
Deer and Jackdaw
by Val Saxby
PDI Val Saxby Red Deer Stag
by Val Saxby
2015 Print   Val Saxby   Red Kite in the Meadow by Val Saxby Cygnets
by Adrian White
  PDI   David Townley   Over the Hill
by Karen Green
2014 Print   David Townley   Upper Terraces, Mammoth Hot Springs
by David Lampard
  PDI   Erica Harding
Karen Green
  Kaffir Lily
by David Townley
2013 Print   David Lampard   Wild West Roundup
by David Lampard
  PDI   David Cornes   Albania from Lake Ohrid Macedonia
by Andy Newton
      Photographer of the Year   Photograph of the Year
2012 Large Print   Rob Howard   Under the Stairs
by Chris Wildey
  Small Print   Karen Green   Heavensgate
by Kees van der Zwan
  PDI   Andy Newton   Wasp
by David Townley
      Photographer of the Year   Photograph of the Year
2011 Large Print   David Lampard   The Model Maker “Nic”
by Kelvin Shuffell
  Small Print   Helen Wildey   Three o’clock
by Karen Green
  PDI   Andy Newton   Cat-nap
by Andy Newton

For further details, including the runners-up, please view the sub-pages “Annual Placings

After 2012, the “Photographer of the Year” became “The Shuffell Trophy”.  At the same time, the two print classes “Large” and “Small” were combined into a single one.