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“The Art of Composition” – Special Guest  Tony Worobiec


Tony is a Fine Art photographer with work in the permanent collection of the RPS, the Fox Talbot Museum and numerous private collections around the world.  He is author of 16 books, a Fellow of the RPS, a founder member of the prestigious Arena Group, and much much more!  He was our Star Night Guest here in Shaftesbury in 2013.

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Roll of Honour

Full details of annual award winners and placings for the SCC internal competitions:
– “Photographer of the Year” (The “Shuffell Trophy” after 2012)
– “Photo of the Year”
The Roll of Honour listing of winners is under menu item “Competitions/Roll of Honour”

Once again, our Shuffell Trophy series for Prints and for PDIs was in three rounds with the first round split into first image with subject “Agriculture” and the second image “open”.  We had so many prints and PDIs for the first round that at very short notice had to split it across two evenings with Peter Woodhouse judging the Agriculture and Penny Piddock stepping in to judge the Open images.  The later two rounds were judged as planned by Mike Weeks and Malcolm MacNaughton.

The tables below show the rankings for all those who entered six images in the Prints and/or PDI classes.

Well done to everyone who participated, especially those who were doing so for the first time and we hope everyone found it a rewarding experience.  We also are grateful to all our judges who come out often on a cold wintry evening at very low cost to help us all improve our photography.  Critiquing and scoring a lot of images is quite an intimidating task even though they have gone through various judging courses.

Shuffell Trophy 2018
Cumulative scores of those who entered all three rounds
Prints Total Position
Val Saxby 58.5 1
David Hansford 55 2=
David Townley 55 2=
Don Rossi 54 4
Rachel Shergold 51.5 5
Sue Boddington 50.5 6
Barbara Harrison 50 7
David Lampard 49 8
Barbara Priest 48.5 9
Dan Harrison 46 10
PDIs Total Position
Val Saxby 57.5 1
Steve Chick 56 2
Don Rossi 55.5 3
Andy Hargreaves 52.5 4=
Jayne Harris 52.5 4=
Claire Thapa 52.5 4=
Tony Ward 52 7=
Chris Wildey 52 7=
Barbara Harrison 51 9=
Rachel Shergold 51 9=
Jeffery Bennett 50 11=
Richard Blake 50 11=
Sue Boddington 50 11=
David Townley 49.5 14
John Ellis 49 15=
Karen Green 49 15=
Jan Ward 48.5 17
Julie Deverill 48 18=
Keith Lear 48 18=
Barbara Priest 47.5 20
Maureen Lear 45 21
Dan Harrison 44.5 22

Marks as below…   Photograph of the Year 2018     May 10th   Judge: Amanda Miller         Subject: Open PRINTS Singing Wren 10 1st Val Saxby LRPS Double Cuteness 10 2nd Val Saxby LRPS The Chase 10 3rd Don Rossi Three Pink Roses 9.5 Jeffery Bennett Free Running 9.5 Jayne Harris […]

This year we again had three rounds in the Shuffell Trophy, the judges being Zaid Meherali,  Amanda Miller, and Paul Thackeray.  In the first round, we needed a subject of “corners” in order to be able to enter the Bradford Abbas Shield competition a week or so later.  However, given the rather restrictive subject, only one print (or pdi) had to depict “corners (singular or plural) and the second could be either another corner or open.  All corner entries were judged as one sub-group and the rest judged as another.

Congratulations to Mike for winning both the print and the pdi trophies this year!

Shuffell Trophy 2017
Cumultive scores of those who entered all three rounds
Prints  Total Position
Mike Harding 57.0 1
David Townley 53.5 2
Val Saxby LRPS 53.0 3
David Lampard 51.5 4
Jeffery Bennett 51.0 5
Sue Boddington 49.5 6
Don Rossi 49.5 6
Mike Harding 56.5 1
Gareth Ayre 52.5 2
Jeffery Bennett 52.5 2
Don Rossi 52.0 4
Barbara Harrison LRPS 51.5 5
Val Saxby LRPS 51.5 5
Steve Chick 51.0 7
Chris Wildey 50.0 8
Sue Boddington 50.0 8
Claire Thapa 49.5 10
Richard Blake 49.0 11
Bill Norman 49.0 11
Keith Lear 47.5 13
David Townley 47.5 13
Peter Hayes 46.0 15
Maureen Lear 45.5 16

This year we had three rounds for the Shuffell Trophy, in all of them the subject was Open but we required monochrome entries for the third round. The Judges were Paul Thackery, Norman Carey and Graham Ireland.

The print competition attracted 14 different photographers with 9 entering all three rounds with 6 images, while the PDI competition had a total of 21 different photographers  with 15 entering 6 images.

The results were announced at the AGM and certificates awarded for the top scoring photographers are below.

Shuffell Trophy – Photographer of the Year
Only Photographers who entered 6 images over 3 rounds are included
mark award
Mike Harding 58 1
K A Green 55.5 2
Val Saxby LRPS 53.5 3
Barbara Harrison LRPS 52 4
David Lampard 50.5 5
Chris Wildey 50.5 5
Jeffery Bennett 48.5 6
Sue Boddington 47 7
Alan van Gortel 45 8
David Townley 35.5 9
Val Saxby LRPS 59 1
K A Green 56.5 2
Mike Harding 56.5 2
Karen Green 53.5 4
Claire Tharpa 53 5
Barbara Harrison LRPS 51.5 6
Sue Boddington 49.5 7
David Townley 49.5 7
Alan van Gortel 49.5 7
Chris Wildey 49.5 7
Erika Harding 48.5 11
Pauline Townley 47 12
Richard Blake 46 13
Jeffery Bennett 45.5 14
Peter Hayes 45.5 14
Our last competition of the year seeks to find the best photographs in print and PDI formats.  Members can enter up to two images in both classes which can be either entirely new pictures or ones used previously during the season.  Brian T, as our chairman for the evening, welcomed our judge Roy Lambeth.  Roy warned […]

The Shuffell Trophy is a two-round Photographer of the Year competition with two classes: Prints and PDI’s.  At the 2015 AGM, Trophies and certificates were presented by Erika and Mike Harding to the following members:-

1st Val Saxby
2nd Mike Harding
3rd David Townley
1st David Townley
2nd Sue Boddington
3rd Karen A Green

Our final internal competition for this season sets out to find the best print and the best PDI of the year when members can enter totally new images or ones previously entered during the season, with a maximum of two images in each of the two classes.  We were pleased to welcome Sid Jones as the evening’s judge who proceeded to critique and score each image, holding back some of the stronger ones to award First, Second and Third positions with a few ‘Highly Commended’ as well. Continue reading

The Shuffell Trophy is a two-round Photographer of the Year competition with two classes: Prints and PDI’s.  At the 2014 AGM, Trophies and certificates were presented by Sarena Tharpa, our youngest member, to the following members:-

1st David Townley
2nd Val Saxby
3rd David Lampard
1st Erika Harding
1st Karen Green
3rd Chris Wildey

Our Photograph of the Year competition is the final competition of our season where we ask an invited judge to select the best Print and the best PDI.  The entries can be new images or ones previously entered during the season and each member may enter up to two images in each of the classes.

This year we were pleased to welcome Norman Carey once again as our judge.  In the Prints, Norman only awarded one ten so congratulations go to David Lampard for the second year running.  In the PDI’s David scored another 10 but with David Townley and Val Saxby also scoring 10’s, he didn’t quite make it a double, so congratulations to David Townley for his Kaffir Lily. Continue reading

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