Portrait Photography – Practical

On 24th November 2011, Brian will be showing us how to approach portrait photography from a practical perspective.

As a photographer you will find yourself being asked to take photos of people at some time. This evening we will be having a practical session on how to take these shots successfully without using expensive equipment. Please bring along your camera, lenses and flash equipment. We will have some models to practice your shots on. We will also be utilising items you might have already around your home to help you create some effective portraits. We will have three areas set up showing different techniques you can use.

Topics that we will be covering include:-

  • Introduction to portrait photography.
  • The setting and background.
  • The light/lighting you have.
  • Camera settings to use.
  • Setting up your subjects.

Please bring a tripod if you have one.  Brian says there will be some models – sounds a very interesting evening!