Inter-club PDI Competitions

UPDATE 2019: The Club standard for internal PDI competitions has been increased to 1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high as from September 2019. Sizes for external competitions may vary from these and we will address these on an individual basis.

Note: Updated file naming guidance Dec 2013.

You may download these Interclub PDI Competitions as a pdf.

Inter-club PDI Competitions hosted by Shaftesbury Camera Club will be run on a Windows 7 laptop using Dicentra 3.12 (or later) software and a Optoma EX615 projector.  The EX615 native resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels but we ask that PDI entries are submitted in 1400 x 1050 format as the generally recognised inter-club standard: the Dicentra programme automatically does all necessary rescaling.  [Note the resolution setting (pixels per inch) is immaterial using Dicentra/Optoma so it does not need to be resized to any of the common values.]

PDI images should be named as follows using a sequence number 01, 02, 03, etc followed by an underscore, the title, another underscore and the image author.  Authors may include any distinctions such as LRPS.  For example:-

01_Title of image_John Smith.jpg
02_Dorset in winter_A N Other FRPS.jpg
03_Another view of Stourhead_John Smith.jpg

Maximum width 1400 pixels, Maximum height 1050 pixels

Unless specifically arranged otherwise between the clubs:

  • Entries should consist of 12 PDI’s per club, with a maximum of 3 entries per photographer in each class.
  • We would appreciate if PDIs (and any print titles) could be submitted 7 days prior to the competition to the email address below.

Files may be submitted by:

  •  email to either zipped or individual files
  • on a USB memory stick in a folder named with the visiting club
  • on a CD with a folder named with the visiting club
  •           we are also very happy to receive files via Dropbox

For entries by post, please contact Chris (01963 370900) or Bill (01258 860298) to confirm which address should be used.

Entries via email or post will always be acknowledged by the person assembling the competition so always please include a contact phone number and email address.

Any queries may be submitted to the same email address.

Good luck!