Wincanton v Shaftesbury, 04/04/12

Wow, what a close result!

We were visiting Wincanton for the first time who had chosen “Low light outdoors” as the subject.  We had not had an internal competition on this subject, so we were somewhat unsure about having enough images or how to select them.  Seven of us formed a small ad-hoc selection committee who met in Buckhorn Weston one evening.  Fortunately Brian T had a broad collection of prints and pdi’s so we had a good number to choose from.  In the end, we assembled 10 prints and 10 pdi’s to take to Wincanton.

Wincanton started with the PDI’s, and judge Bill Aven awarded marks ranging from 15 to 20, with both teams getting one 20.  At the end of the PDI round, each team had 173 points.  The second round, large prints, had the same range of marks with both teams again managing one 20 apiece and the totals were again very similar except Shaftesbury clawed one extra point to finish with 173 against Wincanton’s 172.

We thanked Bill Aven who did a remarkable job.  An enjoyable and fun visit and we have already invited them to a return match next season.

Many thanks to all those who contributed images, whether or not they were chosen.  It was not a particularly high scoring evening but it showed we had a good breadth of subjects and interpretation.  Congratulations to those who gained us the high marks that clinched it for us.

 Judge:  Bill Aven  “Low Light Outdoors”
Shaftesbury Wincanton
Entrant  Surname  Title  Marks  Marks
Norman Good Low Light, High Humidity 20
Bill  Norman Towards Night 19
David Townley Bath Abbey 18
Brian Tarling Lake Mc Donald at Dawn 18
Chris Wildey Dawn Tide 18
Forever Marilyn 17
Science World Vancouver 17
Circular Quay Sidney 16
Fireman 15
Abbotsbury Gardens at Night 15
173 172
Brian Tarling Stonehenge Sunset 20
Norman Good Pedestrians Crossing 19
Karen Green Gold hill at dusk 18
Brugge 17
December Evening Light 17
Lifeboat College 17
Treescape 17
Embankment 16
Scorton Chrich 16
St Marks under water 16
173 173
Totals 346 345