Audio Visual Challange & “Get the Picture”: 14 Feb 2013

Brian Tarling will be leading us on this practical evening with the aim of:-

  1. Encouraging us to show off photos in other ways. Not just prints and PDI/DPI’s but as slide shows, even with music.
  2. Encouraging us to create different images by manipulating and/or creating a montage.

The meeting will start with three ways of creating a slide show using software eg, Proshow Gold, Windows Live movie maker and Photoshop elements. Most members should have software on their computer already. You will notice from the demonstrations the ease with which you can create these. These can be created for presenting as an audio visual projection with a digital projector, via a DVD on to a TV, on a computer, tablet or even on a mobile phone. You will notice that there is an evening set for showing off these on Thursday 18th April 2013. We will have some workshops for anybody who wants help in their creation between now and the 18th April.

After the coffee break, the next challenge will be to ‘Get the Picture’ where we produce a picture/montage/story board that depicts a well-known phrase/word using pictures. Members will also be able to show these on Thursday 18th April 2013 so everyone can try to guess the phrase/word being depicted. There will be prizes for the best examples!