Audio-visual Challenge & “Get-the-Picture”: 18th April 2013

This will be a “Members Evening” when members can show their own efforts following the two challenges set by Brian Tarling at our previous meeting last February.  The whole purpose behind these is to encourage everyone to use photos in new and interesting ways, and to get to grips with new ideas and software, so please don’t be afraid of having a go.  The two challenges are…

1) Create a slide show (no longer than a piece of music)


2) “Get-the-picture” using pictures to represent a well-known word or phrase, making it just cryptic enough for other members to try to guess your word.

Club members will be asked to pick their favourite slide show and Get the picture image and there will be a small prize for the best in each challenge but please remember the prize is not for winning but for having a go and to have fun learning something new!

Help with using the slideshow software demonstrated in February will be available at two pre-meeting workshops (i.e. 6:45 – 7:30 pm) on 28th Feb and 14th Mar.

Detailed notes on the 3 different software programmes are already in the members-only area under “Pixels” in the top menu but if you would like help, just bring your images, in order, and your choice of music on a memory stick, to one of the workshops then Brian will help make the slide show up if required.  Do not put your name in a title in the slide show.  Sources of copyright-free and royalty-free music were discussed at the February meeting.

For the second challenge, for instance, if you had pictures of:- shafts of light, a berry, a camera and the ace of clubs you would have ‘Shafts-bury Camera Club’.  Another example could be an image of a ’boat in a storm’ and placed that image in an image of a ‘tea cup’ you would have ‘A storm in a tea cup’.  This can be presented as a projected image, as a print/or prints, or even as a montage of prints stuck together.

If you have two or more images representing one word then keep these images together with no gap between them.  If you have two or more words then leave a gap between each image/images that represent each individual word.  Do not write the answer on the images on these so club members can try to work out the answers.