Match-an-Image at Blandford, Dec 2013

Blandford invited Pimperne and ourselves to a light-hearted match-an-image competition with Mike Weeks as the umpire and judge.  Each club takes it in turn to project a “starter” with the others then having just 30 seconds to project a “matching” image drawn from a pool of 30.  The matches were often hilarious and quite inventive: an exotic face was matched by exotic dancers and a lama!  The judge awarded one point to the starter, a further point to each image deemed a match, and a final point for the best of the three images.  The judge had to cope with noisy audience participation and good-natured banter, some of which amended his decisions.

At half time, Shaftesbury were lagging behind but after refreshments, we managed to gain several “best image” points which allowed us to claim victory, with Pimperne second, and Blandford with the wooden spoon.  No one could agree actual scores but the order was not in dispute.

Thanks to Blandford for hosting a fun evening and to Mike for managing to cope with us all.  We all used Alan’s Match-an-Image software which worked flawlessly.