DiCentra workflow for Internal Club Comps

Dicentra Workflow for internal Competitions (E.g. Shuffell, PDI of the Year)
[Team (eg LvG) or Inter-Club Comps need a different workflow!]

NOTE! Dicentra has evolved a lot and now can handle rescaling on the fly so PDIs can be loaded into competitions at the 2019 standard of 1600×1200 pixels.

Status: 1st draft Dec 2015

1.  Dicentra Organiser Plus  – DOP  [One day may be integrated into Dicentra]
Rules/New  Create comp name e.g. “Shuffell Trophy PY2 Dec15”
Closing Date same as Comp Date
Images  2pp,  1400×1050 for new projector
Randomise Every Round
Files     Seq No_Image Title_Full Name
Variations    just ignore
Scoring   (ensure half mark is ticked!)

2. DOP  Process/Organize
Browse to Dropbox via Desktop
Hopefully there won’t be any wrongly named files, esp names with missing/extra spaces/etc!
This creates Folder “Comp Name OUTPUT” somewhere on Desktop with jpgs renamed as 01_Image Title.jpg organised into sub-folders by entrants full name: hence need for their names right!!!

Dicentra main programme [Rules should already be there]
Select comp from dropdown list
3.1 Setup/Load Entries…
Browse to “Comp Name OUTPUT” on Desktop, select any one entrant folder
Tick “Set All” & Select
3.2 Setup/Make Competition…
3.3 Test by… Competition/Run Comp   Ignore wrong screen size
If happy….
File/Reports/Printable Reports/Blank Scoresheet
Don’t Split into Rounds
Scoresheet is on Desktop as .rtf file

For Notes on using dual screen when projector connected, see Comp Admin on website.