Monochrome plugin for PS Elements & Lightroom

Various guest speakers have recently been mentioning plugins for creating monochromes and we also discussed this topic at a recent workshop.  They were referring to Silver Efex Pro which is part of the well-regarded Nik Collection and which was for a time available for free from Google (it used to cost £100 or so!).  The Nik Collection has since been bought and further developed by DxO – see this link

If you want to get access to the free ‘Google’ version, please contact us as we may be able to help you locate a copy but it is a big download!  Once installed on your PC or Mac, it should appear in Photoshop Elements (version 9 or later) at the bottom of the Filter menu as “Nik Collection”.  It should also work with Affinity Photo and I understand it can also be used with Lightroom.  [N.B. It is also possible to use it as a stand-alone programme under Windows but it is best used as a plug-in to PS, PS Elements or LR.

There are extensive help and tutorials on