Preparing Audio-Visuals: Updated 27/10/17

Update 27/10/17: Brian held a brief pre-meeting workshop on 26th Oct and addressed the issue of alternatives to the now defunct (and no longer safely available for download) Windows Movie Maker which used to be part of some old versions of MS Windows.  The free alternative he suggests is a well-regarded open source and cross-platform product known as Shotcut which can be downloaded from  We will be installing this on our club laptop before our extra workshop evening so we should be able to demonstrate this on the projector during the evening.


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We have a number of (new) members who may like some help understanding more about Audio-Visual before we have this seasons AV Evening on the 23rd Nov 2017.

Brian Tarling is our leader on Audio Visual and is always happy to answer questions or give guidance.  One month before our AV Evening, Brian will lead a short pre-meeting workshop (i.e. from 6:50 to 7:30pm on 26th Oct 2017) to cover the practical aspects of creating AV’s.

We do have some information about AVs in our “virtual workshop” pages but I’m afraid some of it relates to earlier versions of Windows and PS Elements…

Update 13/10/17: Unfortunately one of the easiest and most popular (& free!) programmes,  Windows [Live] Movie Maker by Microsoft, is no longer available from safe download sites.  Latest news is that the MS promised replacement plugin as part of Windows 10 Creator Update this autumn has now been abandoned so we now have to look for alternatives.  There are some amazingly powerful free packages that are too complex for our purposes but I am hoping to evaluate one promising candidate over the next few days.