WCPF DPIC Results 2018

Well, the good news or the bads news first…   ?

The good news is that we scored exactly the same as last year with a total of 179 for 18 images.  Unfortunately, the bad news is that the other 57 Clubs did rather better this time around and that left us rather closer to the bottom, coming 50th equal with only four clubs doing worse than ourselves.  However there are a couple of nice bits to note from our scores in the table below: congratulations to Val whose Singing Wren was marked with a “5” by one judge (with presumably “4’s” from the other two judges).  This year, none of our images scored less than a “9” either.

It would appear that the standard has improved in competing clubs as to maintain the same position of 33rd as last year, we would have needed another 10 points, i.e. all our ten “9’s” needed to have got at least a “4” from one judge.  Something for us all to work on for the coming season although do remember that we try to maintain a wide cross-section of our membership in our entry.

For those not familiar with the judging or competition process, each image is projected for just a few seconds before the three judges press a voting button for 2, 3, 4 or 5.  It is all extremely fast and makes for a long tiring day for the brave judges.  1026 images during the morning and afternoon is a huge task but is quite common in large photographic competitions and salons.

SCC WCPF DPIC 2018        
Exeter, Sunday 18th Feb 2018
Glyn Edmunds
Jean Brooks
Kathryn Scorah
2018   Last Year
Singing Wren Val Saxby 13
Brave New World Andy Hargreaves 12
Morning Light David Townley 11
Offshore Power Val Saxby 11
Jump Don Rossi 11
Siskin Val Saxby 11
If you can keep your Head Jayne Harris 10
Triathlon Don Rossi 10
Sunset over Barleyfield David Townley 9
Nocturn Tony Ward 9
Sika Deer Jeffrey Bennett 9
Viking Steve Chick 9
Two Smoking Barrels Jeffrey Bennett 9
Firey Dragon Tony Ward 9
Woman Winnowing Claire Thapa 9
Hidden France Bill Norman 9
Bales Barbara Harrison 9
Tractor Driver Steve Chick 9
TOTAL 179   179
Average 9.9