Bradford Abbas Shield 2019

The Bradford Abbas Shield is a local annual derby hosted by Sherborne Bradford Abbas with entries from South PethertonWincantonYeovil and Shaftesbury.  The judge is always a closely guarded secret even from SBA themselves.  SBA to date has always chosen the subject but they announced in future the subject would be chosen by the winners however since they also won last year, they had chosen “People at work”.  The judge for the evening was Malcolm McNaughton from Dorchester.

PDIs were judged first and left us in the middle of the field even though we got three 19s: Yeovil received two 20s and the only other 20 was  given to SBA.  Our prints didn’t fare too well at all where we were ranked 5th in the prints but with only 3 marks separating these, this did not drag us down from our third place.  Well done to David for helping to save us with his 20, our only one for the evening and shown here together with the other “20” winners.

The competition was covered by the Blackmore Vale Magazine so look out for a brief write-up either this or next week.

Thanks to our hosts and our judge for an enjoyable evening, and SBA have once again to choose the subject for next year’s competition!


Bradford Abbas Shield
Set Subject: 
“People at Work”
Malcolm McNaughton
Shaftesbury PDIs SCC SBA Yeo Win S Peth
Calligrapher Sue Boddington 17 19 16 17 18
French Roofer Bill Norman 16 17 20 18 17
Industrial manicure Richard Blake 19 20 17 17 19
The Falconer Val Saxby LRPS 19 19 18 18 16
The Glassblower Andy Hargreaves 19 19 20 17 16
Sub-total 90 94 91 87 86
Shaftesbury Prints SCC SBA Yeo Win S Peth
House Fire, Kington Magna Chris Wildey 17 20 16 17 19
Shaken not Stirred Jayne Harris 16 19 18 18 16
Reflecting on Work David Lampard 20 16 19 20 17
The Tree Surgeon Jeffery Bennett 17 20 18 17 20
Studio through the window Helen Pothecary 19 17 18 19 20
Sub-total 89 92 89 91 92
PDI + Print TOTAL 179 186 180 178 178
POSITION 3rd 1st 2nd 4th= 4th=