Set-up & Operating Notes for Dicentra competitions

Notes for projector and laptop Feb 2020

  1. 2 socket extension lead plugs in below wall screen, attach to floor with tape. Low table at end of it with projector at front and laptop behind. Plug projector and Laptop through the hole in the table into the sockets.
  2. Switch on projector (back L) should show test card, make sure projector is at right angles to screen, test card centred and 2ins from top of screen. Lift front of projector with lens cap, focus (black ring) and zoom (white ring) if needed
  3. Laptop power lead goes in socket at the back of the Left side. Attach to projector at front of L side of Laptop and HDMI 1 on top row of back of projector. The laptop screen should go black and projector show the laptop ‘desktop’
  4. Remote keyboard (so you can sit comfortably at table). Switch L side give green light. Click F2 to sync keyboard to laptop: use the Windows ‘start key’ on bottom row to prove it is working. You may need to repeat F2 and start.
  5. Mouse switch under it, (you may need to use the laptop pad to get the cursor on the screen) the mouse should now work cursor but if it doesn’t you can see Bluetooth info via ‘start’  button and top left square on the windows screen.

If all else fails, you can use laptop anywhere with 3m lead in the projector case or 15m lead in the cabinet upstairs and a wired mouse in laptop case (wrapped in cling). This is useful for visiting laptops.

Note if using AppleMac you may need to change colour from RGB to YCbCr (YUV) on the projector. Menu/Image/Colourspace. Auto or YUV.

Dicentra and running competitions

  1. On Dicentra select required competition
  2. Top menu banner select ‘Competition’ and Run (or Ctrl R)
  3. Right click on mouse brings up Menu or (M)
  4. Use the keyboard R and L arrows to run through the images; for slide preview 3secs or see below.
  5. Scoring use torch to enter scores (.) for half marks  (H) to hold back and hit again to remove Held. To remove marks use back key
  6.  (N) is Navigator.  A button at bottom will give a slideshow useful for preview . It also will show ‘images missing marks’ and ‘held images’ and can show ‘all 10’s’ etc. You can select another bottom button to show things on the Light box.  You can check box at bottom to show names
  7. S gives final scores
  8. If things are ‘pinging’ try Esc
  9. Mouse to bottom of screen shows Images held back.