Affinity Photo Notes

We have a simple page which you can access at with our usual password. This page is meant an an aid-memoire for those participating in the current group and as a structure for possible future seasons.

If you think you might be interested in such a future group, please first take a look at Affinity Photo, especially the introductory article given in our AP Notes page. You can download a free trial of Affinity Photo (I think 2 weeks) for either Mac or Windows and there is a host of video tutorials on their site. Affinity also have an fully-fledged award-winning app for the iPad at around £20 (iOS 10 or later). If you are still interested, email Chris so we can gauge the degree of interest.

Affinity Photo is a relatively new British product (one of a suite of programmes) that is rapidly growing worldwide in popularity amongst amateurs and professionals alike. It is a well regarded non-subscription based alternative to other popular programmes. You work on individual photos (e.g. RAW or jpg) but currently Affinity has no equivalent to the “Lightroom” type of cataloging or bulk processing.

Affinity Photo is available for Windows, or Mac, or most modern Ipads at a very attractive price, and there is no subscription. In many ways it is similar to Photoshop and like all advanced editors, there is a lot to learn but it is very rewarding.

In many ways, Affinity Photo is similar to full Photoshop (if not better and more user-friendly). We have established a sub-group of members to help each other to get to grips with AP and to learn more about post-processing techniques. 

The object of our self-help group is to rapidly get each person familiar and confident enough with Affinity Photo to be able to progress at their own pace with a way to quickly find friendly help or guidance with any questions. Ask for details!