Zoom Challenge #1 – Sauce Advert with strapline

OUR ZOOM CHALLENGES are fun, creative challenges with deadlines set as late as we can – sometimes on the day of the Zoom meeting but be warned we may hold the competition scoring at a later time depending entirely on logistics of the day, e.g. not enough time or perhaps not enough entries!!!

Sometimes we may ask our guest speaker to do the judging if he’s willing and time allows, or we will use participants to score or select their favourites. And be warned – we will make the rules up as we go along!

Please don’t be discouraged from entering just because you haven’t managed to prepare the images correctly but please do try to name your images as normal. If not, upload as normal but select the HELP option so we know to check your image(s).

ZOOM PDI Challenge #1: 30th April: Advert. Brief is to create an advertising shot for a bottle of sauce together with a strapline of text suitable (say) for a weekend magazine. If you can’t add text to your photo, we can accept the strapline as your image title. Maximum of four (just one or two would be preferred but if you get carried away… ) but PDIs per member and we will try to use at least two so number them in your preferred order. Deadline for upload 12 Noon, 30th April. NOTE: We may have to judge the competition at a later Zoom meeting depending on the number of entries received! Remember, this is a fun competition, so conventional rules might not apply!