Photograph of the Year 2012

Our ‘Photograph of the Year’ competition is always held towards the end of the season with the subject “open”.  This year, our invited judge was Norman Cary whose task was to select 1st, 2nd and 3rd places from a wide range of images in each of our regular classes, Large Prints, Small Prints, and Projected Digital Images.  We are always pleased to welcome Norman who gives a useful critique of each image which really does help us all to progress our photographic skills.

The formal prize giving will not be until our AGM in May, but the results of this evening’s competition are given below.

12 April 2012


Entrant Surname Title Marks
Kees van der Zwan Heavensgate 10 1st
Bill Norman Lost in Books 10 2nd
Chris Wildey Morning Mist 9.5 3rd
Karen Green WOW 9
Karen Green Somerset Lavender 9
Pauline Townley Shadows 9
Hellebore Flowers 8.5
Faces in the Window 8
Stourhead 8


Entrant Surname Title Marks
Chris Wildey Under the Stairs 10 1st
Rob Howard www. 10 2nd
Rob Howard Incoming Tide 9.5 3rd
David Lampard The First Rays of the Sun 9.5
David Lampard Autimn Watercolour 9.5
Norman Good Low Light High Humidity 9
Norman Good Wavering Reeds 9
Pauline Townley Salisbury Cathedral Door 9
Blue Bridge 8.5
Fonthill Estate 8.5
Towards Night 8.5
The School Teacher 8.5
Alpine Waterfall 8
Watercolours 8
Still Morning 8
Dolly Mixture 7.5
Gloucester Quay 7.5


Name Title Marks
TOWNLEY, David Wasp 10 1st
TOWNLEY, Pauline Eyes in the Sky 10 2nd
NORMAN, Bill White Water Adventure 9.5 3rd
NEWTON, Andy Leaving 9.5
GOOD, Norman The Gardener 9.5
GREEN, Karen After the Ride 9
GREEN, Karen StrugglingTo Fly 9
NEWTON, Andy Communication -past and present 9
NORMAN, Bill Towards Sunset 9
Hand on Henge 8.5
Pssst can I show you my display? 8.5
Sombrero 8
Acer 8
Infinity 8
Mavddach Valley 8
Autumn Ripple 7.5
Tuscan Chapel 7.5
In a monestry garden 7.5
Duck 7.5
Golden Dragon with a Hoopoe 7.5