Warminster v SCC 2012 – Wow, a thrilling finish!

Thursday 29th November was certainly a night to remember.  We had invited Warminster Camera Club to a friendly competition knowing full well they had some very talented and experienced members.  Our guest judge, Reg Clark, was from Boscombe Camera Club who also have high standards so it was no great surprise to us when Warminster got three 10’s for their prints against our highest of a 9½ giving them a strong 6 point lead.  However our spirits rose in the second half when it was our turn to get three 10’s  in the PDI round.  After a few more moments of hasty adding and cross-checking, it turned out that our lead in the PDI’s was higher than Warminster’s in the prints leaving us the evening’s victors by just half a point.  A very enjoyable evening for all and especial thanks to Reg for his very helpful comments on a wide variety of images, and to Warminster for giving us such an exciting competition.

29th Nov 2012

Shaftesbury v Warminster
Subject: Open Judge: Reg Clark
Shaftesbury Warminster
Prints Karen Green Feathers 9.5
Karen Green Jardin Majorelle 9
Chris Wildey St Pancreas 9
Adrian White Fresh Salmon for Dinner 9
Under the Pier 8.5
The First Rays of the Sun 8.5
Salisbury Cathedral Door 8.5
Horse Power 8
Summer Flowers 8
Sunset over North Oxford Canal 7.5
Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd 7.5
Vintage Car Mascot 7.5
100.5 106.5
PDIs Adrian White Above the Arctic Circle at Midnight 10
David Townley Wasp 10
Karen Green Woodpecker 10
David Lampard As the Fog Lifts 9.5
Norman Good Field Sculpture, France 9
Chris Wildey Glasshopper 9
Andy Newton Sunshine and Showers, Exmouth 9
Acer 8.5
White Water Adventure 8
Tiger Moth 8
Eyes in the Sky 7.5
Back to the Sixties 7.5
106 99.5