Photograph of the Year 2013

Our Photograph of the Year competition seeks to find the single best print and PDI.  This year we had 15 prints and 27 PDI’s and we were very pleased to welcome Sheila Brown LRPS from Parkstone as our judge for the evening.  She is always a popular judge,  providing a very useful critique with humour and ideas for improvement.  She is also well known for her affinity for red and green accents – LRPS: a little red piece somewhere!  The subject was “open”.

Formal prizes won’t be given until our AGM and end-of-season social next month but the evening’s competition results are as follows:-

25th April 2013


Entrant Surname Title Marks
David Lampard Wild West Round-Up 10 1st
David Townley Bible Study 9.5 2nd
Helen Wildey Home before the Storm 9 3rd
Karen  Foster Town Gull 9
David Lampard With Ensuite Facilities 9
Chris Wildey Lough Caragh, Eire 9
Chris Wildey Cactus spiral 9
Girl from the Fountain 8.5
Another Wet Day. 8.5
Autumn at Stourhead 8.5
Winter Shades and Shadows 8
Lone Boat and Stormy Sea 8
Nightime in Old Poole 7.5
Fifteen Century Wall 7.5
Vintage Car Mascot 6.5



Entrant Surname Title Marks
Andy Newton Albania form Lake Ohrid Macedonia 10 1st
Babs Johnson St Pauls 10 2nd
Karen  Green North Africa 10 3rd
Karen  Foster Street Music 9
Norman Good Not Abbey Road 9
Norman Good Refuelling 9
Babs Johnson Shall I 9
David Lampard Would you Like a Nice time 9
Helen Wildey Giants in Line 9
Chris Wildey Amelia 9
Bloom of Life 8.5
Shadows on the Pier 8.5
Once it was 8.5
Perast Montenegro 8.5
Old and Creaky 8.5
Look at me 8.5
Meadow Brown on Knapweed 8.5
The Deserted Farm 8.5
Lake and Fell 8
My Valentine 8
Marching across the Ladscape 8
Saumur at Dusk 7.5
Bottleneck 7.5
Snow in the South of France 7.5
The Bait Digger 7.5
Bee on Clover 7
Ross Castle Killerney 7