Photograph of the Year 2015

Our final internal competition for this season sets out to find the best print and the best PDI of the year when members can enter totally new images or ones previously entered during the season, with a maximum of two images in each of the two classes.  We were pleased to welcome Sid Jones as the evening’s judge who proceeded to critique and score each image, holding back some of the stronger ones to award First, Second and Third positions with a few ‘Highly Commended’ as well.

In the prints section, Sid particularly liked the creative elements presented by Jeffrey and David but the absolute precision sharpness of Val’s Red Kite in flight stole the number one spot.   In the PDIs, Sid was impressed by the two very contrasting portraits that gained second and third places but it was the sharpness of Karen’s motorcyclist coupled with the very subtle framing provided by the background through the cloud of  dust.

Congratulations to both Val and Karen for their wins, and to the runners up and highly-commended’s.  Thanks to Sid for his excellent comments and scoring and to all our members who entered images to provide us with a very enjoyable evening.

The Awards will be presented during our Prize-Giving and AGM evening in May.

Photograph of the year 2015     23 April 2015  
Judge: Sid Jones        
Subject Open        
Red Kite in the Meadow 10 1 Val Saxby
It’s Coffee Time 10 2 Jeffery Bennett
Slow Bounce 10 3 David Hansford
Westminster at Night 9.5 HC David Hansford
Portland painted with light. 9.5 HC Mike Harding
Watchet Somerset 9.5 HC Mike Harding
Passing By 9 Barbara Harrison
Twin Sails at Sunset 9 Val Saxby
Owl 8.5
A Still morning 8
Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone 8
Giant Cactus 8
Manarola 8
Blackthorn 8
The Eyes have it 7.5
Dockland Reflection 7.5
Racing Dogs 7
Hurricane Havoc 7
Jetty on Derwentwater 7
Ruined Cotswold Farmhouse 6
Contemplating the Ride 6
Goldhill 6
Over the hill 10 1 Karen Green
Jess 10 2 Mike Harding
Where did I leave my boat 10 3 Karen Green
Fury 9.5 HC Val Saxby
What Lies Within 9.5 HC Ka Green
Twin Sails Reflection 9.5 HC Val Saxby
Shipwreck 9.5 HC Erika Harding
Worcester Cathedral 9 Pauline Townley
Porlock Weir 9 Mike Harding
Pianoforte 8.5
Oops 8.5
A shaft of light in the gloom 8.5
Wilfs first train ride 8
Feeding swans Christchurch 8
Alpine in Vogue 8
Happy Face 8
Having a Break 7.5
Sunny day at Stourhead 7
Happy Sherpani 7
Brick and Coil 7
Love Birds 7
Dockside Living 7
Childminders 6
Nelly 6
Watch ya looking at Barbs 6
Winter 6
What is it 6
Reach for the sky 6