Photograph of the Year 2014

Our Photograph of the Year competition is the final competition of our season where we ask an invited judge to select the best Print and the best PDI.  The entries can be new images or ones previously entered during the season and each member may enter up to two images in each of the classes.

This year we were pleased to welcome Norman Carey once again as our judge.  In the Prints, Norman only awarded one ten so congratulations go to David Lampard for the second year running.  In the PDI’s David scored another 10 but with David Townley and Val Saxby also scoring 10’s, he didn’t quite make it a double, so congratulations to David Townley for his Kaffir Lily.

Many thanks to Norman for his insights and comments, and also to David T and Brian T for running the Print and PDI competitions.

Photograph of the Year 2014     24th April 2014  
Judge: Norman Carey              
PRINTS Score          
Upper Terraces, Mammoth Hot Springs 10 David Lampard 1st
Painting with Light pulpit rock 9.5 Mike Harding 2nd
Prince’s Quay 9.5 Val Saxby 3rd
Lest we should forget 9 Karen Green   
My Other Car’s a ? 9 Sue Boddington   
Friends 9 David Townley   
Roaring Stag 8.5   
Tea or Coffee? 8.5   
Lines of Perspective 8.5   
Boatsheds 8.5   
Nuns Cross Farmhouse 8   
Evening at Colarodo River 8   
Downpipe Alley 8   
Willow 8   
Reflections by the Boathouse 7.5   
Pedestrian Crossing 7.5   
Whitby in the Rain 7.5   
Resting 7   
A bee’s-eye view 7   
Hurdy Gurdy Man in Prague 7   
Drowned Land 7   
Kaffir Lily 10 David Townley 1st
As The Fog Lifts 10 David Lampard 2nd
Kite Flight 10 Val Saxby 3rd
Backwash 9.5 Mike Harding   
Happy boy in Pink 9.5 Sarena Thapa   
The Coal Man 9.5 Claire Thapa   
Sunset 9 Babs Johnson   
Contemplation 9 Bill Norman   
Kite Girl 9 Erika Harding   
Shepards Delight 9 Norman Fuller   
Not Abbey Road 9 Norman Good   
Emerging Beauty 9 Bill Norman   
Bright Eyes 9 Jeffery Bennett   
Churchfields Salisbury 9 Kees van der Zwan   
Little Red Book 8.5   
As high as the birds 8.5   
Forever Young 8   
Pompey 8   
Severe Storm Force 11 8   
I do love you 8   
Full flaps, Undercarriage down 8   
Mustang 8   
Redwheels 8   
Rajasthani Mother 8   
Stepping Out 8   
Sailing Downstream 7.5   
Sunflower 7.5   
R N L I Surfing 7.5   
Goldleaf 7.5   
Refuelling 7.5   
Tally ho 7.5   
Childminder 7   
The Crooked Tree 7   
Barford st Martin flood meadow 7   
Nedd Scotland 7   
Custom Wrapped 7   
Artist at work 6.5