NEXT MEETING …    7:30pm Thurs 27th September 2018:

The Role of the Army Photographer: Gary Kendall & Ross Nolan

Our guests Gary and Ross are combat photographers trained by the British Army.  Their role is to provide a media capability to promote and protect the reputation of the British Army worldwide.

Pre-meeting Workshop: Starting at 6:50pm in the small committee room, a short introduction to entering Prints and PDIs for our Shuffell Competitions.  For new members or as a refresher. or contact us

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This year we again had three rounds in the Shuffell Trophy, the judges being Zaid Meherali,  Amanda Miller, and Paul Thackeray.  In the first round, we needed a subject of “corners” in order to be able to enter the Bradford Abbas Shield competition a week or so later.  However, given the rather restrictive subject, only one print (or pdi) had to depict “corners (singular or plural) and the second could be either another corner or open.  All corner entries were judged as one sub-group and the rest judged as another.

Congratulations to Mike for winning both the print and the pdi trophies this year!

Shuffell Trophy 2017
Cumultive scores of those who entered all three rounds
Prints  Total Position
Mike Harding 57.0 1
David Townley 53.5 2
Val Saxby LRPS 53.0 3
David Lampard 51.5 4
Jeffery Bennett 51.0 5
Sue Boddington 49.5 6
Don Rossi 49.5 6
Mike Harding 56.5 1
Gareth Ayre 52.5 2
Jeffery Bennett 52.5 2
Don Rossi 52.0 4
Barbara Harrison LRPS 51.5 5
Val Saxby LRPS 51.5 5
Steve Chick 51.0 7
Chris Wildey 50.0 8
Sue Boddington 50.0 8
Claire Thapa 49.5 10
Richard Blake 49.0 11
Bill Norman 49.0 11
Keith Lear 47.5 13
David Townley 47.5 13
Peter Hayes 46.0 15
Maureen Lear 45.5 16
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